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Why UX is important for outbound email security

User Experience (UX) plays a critical role in the effectiveness of outbound email security measures. At Zivver, we’ve seen firsthand how the design and delivery of in-the-moment security prompts can significantly impact user behaviour and, ultimately, the security of an organization. 

Here's why prioritizing UX in outbound email security is crucial and how Zivver approaches this challenge.

The problem with pop-Ups and distracting messages

Pop-ups and intrusive security messages often do more harm than good. Users quickly become desensitized to repetitive and disruptive alerts, leading to "alert fatigue." When faced with frequent security warnings, users may begin to ignore or find ways to circumvent them. This not only diminishes the effectiveness of security measures but can also create a false sense of security.

For example, consider the common browser pop-up warning to an insecure connection. Initially, users might heed these warnings. However, if the warnings appear too frequently or interrupt critical tasks, users may start dismissing them without proper consideration. This behavior undermines the security protocol the warnings were designed to enforce, increasing risk as a result.

The ROI of a positive UX in outbound email security

A well-designed UX in outbound email security does more than just keep data safe; it enhances efficiency and productivity. By reducing the friction associated with secure communication, employees can focus on their core tasks without being hindered by security protocols. This not only improves compliance with security measures but also drives better overall performance and ROI for the organization.

Incorporating UX principles into outbound email security design is not merely about making things look better or be more user-friendly—it’s about ensuring that security measures are effective and adopted by users.

Human-centric design for outbound email security

At Zivver, we are committed to creating a secure communication platform that prioritizes the user experience, making secure communication effortless and integral to daily operations. By doing so, we not only protect sensitive information but also empower users to engage confidently with secure communication tools.

"Listening to our users is what keeps us on top. We gather feedback, do interviews, and run usability tests to make sure we're always improving. It's all about making sure our solution is effective and easy to use. This user-focused approach is what really makes Zivver stand out." — Nathalia Xavier, Product Design Team Lead at Zivver


Security measures must be designed with the user in mind. This involves understanding the user's workflow and integrating security seamlessly into their daily activities. At Zivver, we incorporate several features that align with this philosophy:

  • Smart prevention: Zivver’s platform uses machine learning to identify and prevent potential data leaks. For instance, it can recognize when sensitive information is included in an email and prompt the sender to secure it appropriately.
  • Right recipient warnings: Users receive alerts if they attempt to send sensitive information to an unrecognized or irregular recipient. This reduces the risk of data leaks due to misaddressed emails.
  • Revoke access: If a mistake is made, users can revoke access to sent messages, ensuring that sensitive information does not remain exposed.
  • Error prevention rules: Customizable business rules help ensure that sensitive information is handled correctly. For example, medical information might be set to always require two-factor authentication.

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