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Securing emails and files with MFA: Effortless recipient authentication

What does effortless mean to you? 

For us, it’s when workflows flow. When doing the right thing - the secure thing - is one click away.

Security and user-experience are at the heart of everything we do. From new product development, to ironing out the creases in our existing solutions, we’re dedicated to paving the way for organizations to protect sensitive data effortlessly,

User and recipient experience are equally important. If stakeholders face a clunky process when accessing information sent by your organization, it can reflect badly on you. Zivver streamlines email security for your recipients, too.

How to protect sensitive data in email

Our Secure Email and Secure File Transfer solutions enhance Outlook and Gmail through seamless integration, adding an extra privacy layer and security functionalities including recall, multi factor authentication (MFA), expiration controls and more. 

Our latest enhancement, Trusted Device Authentication, makes accessing emails secured by MFA even easier for recipients.

MFA is a familiar security protocol for all of us today, ensuring only the appropriate recipient can access sensitive data. Zivver enables users to select their preferred authenticaton method (i.e. a code sent via SMS or password etc) and stores this information for future emails. 

It is secure and convenient - unless, that is, a recipient is accessing multiple messages from your organization over a short period of time.

According to our research, 43% of recipients open more than one secure email from the same organization in a 15 day period. This means that recipients are frequently required to input a password or code to open emails - not ideal for busy people who need to access data quickly.

Trusted Device Authentication improves the recipient experience by providing the option to trust a device for up to 30 days. After opening an initial email, the recipient can access secure messages as usual, with no need to re-authenticate their identities when opening new emails from that same device. 

For extra security and flexibility, devices can be removed quickly and easily, requiring the recipient to authenticate their identities when accessing new secure emails. 

That’s what we call truly effortless security.

This is just one example of how Zivver simplifies data protection for organizations. To learn more about how our Secure Email and File Transfer solutions can empower your people to protect sensitive data, get in touch.

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Last updated - 31/03/23
Securing emails and files with MFA: Effortless recipient authentication
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