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Press release | Claranet Benelux and Zivver Collaborate to Enhance Digital Communication

The new partnership will provide organisations in the Benelux region with a secure email solution that is compliant with EU regulations  

June 2024 - Global IT services provider Claranet Benelux has entered into a new agreement with secure digital communication specialist Zivver. This collaboration offers companies and institutions in the Benelux region an easy way to prevent data leaks, communicate securely via email and meet the strict security requirements of NIS2 and DORA, among others. 

Claranet Benelux is a leading IT service provider that focuses on providing digital workplaces, security, networks and solutions in the field of managed hosting and cloud. Zivver helps organisations to prevent data leaks, communicate safely and appropriately secure information and comply with relevant legislation. 

With Zivver, Claranet Benelux is adding solutions for secure emailing, secure file sharing, registered mail and digital signing to its managed services portfolio. Zivver requires no additional technical knowledge to integrate into customers' existing IT solutions. This allows organisations to continue using their current email tools, but also meet today's security and compliance requirements. 

By integrating Zivver into Outlook and Gmail, employees do not have to change their behaviour, but Zivver supports them with machine learning-based decision support to send the right information to the right person in the right way with the right security, while following the organisation's policy.

According to Paul van Boerdonk, Managing Director at Claranet Benelux, things like secure emailing and secure file sharing should no longer be considered an option, but an absolute necessity. "Organisations must be sure that their email communications are secure and that their confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands. This will become even more important in the future to meet the strict requirements of NIS2 and DORA.

“Claranet Benelux is offering its customers a secure digital communication platform that guarantees them privacy and confidentiality. Apart from the ease of use and security that Zivver offers, the fact that it is the market leader was the deciding factor for us with over 10,000 customers worldwide.”

Rick Goud, CIO at Zivver, is also positive about the collaboration. He added: "Claranet has a proven track record in providing cloud and network services to companies in the Benelux region. We share the same ambition and vision on ensuring the privacy and security of companies and institutions. Together we can offer strong added value to Claranet Benelux customers and help them increase resilience against data leaks."

Zivver's solutions for secure emailing, secure file sharing, registered mail and digital signing are now available to all Claranet Benelux customers. With Zivver, companies can save time and costs and benefit from a safe, user-friendly and efficient way of digital communication.

For more information visit the Claranet website or contact Zivver.

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Last updated - 14/06/24
Claranet and Zivver
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