Press release | Secure Digital Communications Specialist Zivver Makes Moves into US Market

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October 2023 - Secure digital communications specialist Zivver is announcing its expansion into the US, marking a significant milestone in its mission to make enhanced email security accessible for everyone. The company is launching both an eCommerce offering that serves small and medium-sized businesses directly, and advanced applications for large enterprises directly and through its partner network.

Zivver delivers an effortless, email security solution, preventing data leaks with advanced encryption methodology and empowering people to work securely with minimal disruption. Trusted by over 8,000 organizations worldwide, the company is extending its reach into the US after making significant strides in the UK and Europe.

Oliver Brown, VP of Commercial at Zivver said: “The US represents a pivotal market for Zivver and our team is fully committed to delivering exceptional value to customers. Our success in the UK and Europe to date evidences the vital role of our secure email solution in empowering organizations to meet their compliance responsibilities, by arming people with tools to work securely, without complicating workflows. We believe that our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction will set us apart and drive our success.” 

This expansion is expected to bring several advantages to local customers including access to award-winning products and a team of specialists. The investment reflects the company's long-term commitment to securing a foothold in the region. 

Zivver has already formed strategic partnerships with more than 65 organizations across the  US including the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation (San Pablo EDC) which aims to develop, diversify, and stabilize the local economy of San Pablo, California by supporting business development.   

Commenting on the project, IT Manager Raymond Mar said: “In this day and age, with data leaks happening so frequently, either through human error or hacking or due to the sheer number of businesses handling sensitive data in email, it’s vital to implement solutions to empower employees to protect data. Zivver checks all the boxes.” 

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