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How does Zivver leverage AI to supercharge security?

Across the globe, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been helping various industries work smarter, fuelling data driven decision making and supercharging efficiency. The same can be said in the realm of email security.

Powered by AI, Zivver Secure Email adds a security layer to email clients (including M365, Outlook and Gmail) to empower users to share sensitive data safely, with right-sized security and human error prevention tools. Our solution relieves users of security and alert fatigue, and ensures people behave compliantly with data protection regulations. 

From machine learning engines that adapt to user behavior, identifying and classifying sensitive data, to the automation of encryption processes, here’s how we empower organizations to effortlessly address vulnerabilities, significantly reducing the risk of data loss.

How do we leverage AI to give organizations peace of mind? 

Our security solution is built not just to respond to threats but to anticipate and neutralize them before they can cause harm.

Here's how Zivver Secure Email uses AI to safeguard our clients’ sensitive information: 

1. Enhancing security with machine learning-powered engines

Let’s say you’re a law firm, dealing with a lot of confidential information. One of your core responsibilities is to ensure all your sensitive information doesn't land in the wrong hands, right?

Thanks to machine learning, we empower people to use their emails safely with no small slip-ups.

Our machine learning is built to automatically detect this kind of information, as you type. So, if there's sensitive content in your email, Zivver Secure Email alerts you and recommends encrypting the email before it's sent, ensuring that only the right eyes get to see it.

And thanks to its adaptive learning process, our tool’s email security capabilities only get better with time, growing more refined and effective, ensuring it’s always staying one step ahead of potential threats.

You can also customize what your organization considers ‘sensitive’, so the tool knows exactly what to look out for in your emails. We leverage AI to help organizations prevent common mistakes that can lead to data loss, ensuring you're staying compliant according to the ICO.

2. Pattern recognition and sensitive data flagging capabilities 

Imagine you're writing an email that includes some sensitive details–perhaps personal information about a client or a confidential business plan. Our smart technology swiftly recognizes and classifies various patterns in email content, a crucial capability for identifying sensitive data. Users have the freedom to define what constitutes 'sensitive' information, ensuring Zivver automatically flags such data for encryption. This feature is vital in preventing accidental data leaks, providing a robust layer of protection that adapts to the unique needs of your organization.

Through the platform’s AI capabilities, you can also decide what’s sensitive or important. If there's specific information you always want to protect, you can build this rule within the solution, ensuring Zivver will automatically remind users to add an extra layer of security whenever that kind of information appears in your emails.

Mistakes happen, especially when rushing or multitasking. With our solution, your team can relax knowing their work is protected. 

3. Identifying unusual behaviors and recipients

Beyond recognizing sensitive content, our AI engine is adept at detecting anomalies in user behavior and email recipients, a critical aspect of preemptive security. Whether it's an email being sent to an unusual recipient or a pattern of communication that deviates from the norm, our tool alerts users to potential risks.

This proactive approach is based on the principle that the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. By alerting users to these anomalies, we not only protect sensitive information but also educate users on safe email practices, fostering a culture of security awareness and vigilance.

4. Empowering organizations with encryption choices

Our platform isn't just about identifying risks; it's about providing solutions that fit how each organization operates. We offer the flexibility to choose how to handle email encryption, aligning with your unique workflow and security protocols. Organizations can enable their users to manually encrypt emails, ensuring that employees are actively engaged in the security process and make informed decisions about when and how to secure their communications.

On the flip side, for streamlined efficiency, our email solution also provides the option for automatic encryption. This feature is a boon for fast-paced environments where time is crucial, automatically securing emails that contain predefined sensitive data. It's about making security seamless, ensuring compliance without adding extra steps to your day.

AI is changing the game — and we’re embracing it 

At Zivver, we're passionate about using AI to make email security effortless, smart, and secure. We're here to ensure that your emails are safe, your data is protected, and your mind is at ease.

Stop reacting to security threats; stay ahead of them with Zivver. Request a demo today.

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Last updated - 21/05/24
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