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Caring for patients and protecting their data: DougieMac

DougieMac hospice provides end-of-life care and support services to over 3,500 patients in North Staffordshire, every year. 

Looking after the best interests of their patients is a value the organization holds close to its heart. As such, ensuring all healthcare and personal data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality is a priority for the staff team.

Head of IT, Steve Ledoux, knew that in order to properly protect patient data, the organization needed to minimize the risk of data leaks, ensure compliance, and increase awareness of digital communications security among employees. Zivver enabled the team to achieve these objectives and more:

“Zivver has enabled us to comply with our data governance policies whilst at the same time reducing the risk of us losing data via email. For a technology that is very complex, Zivver have made the user experience incredibly simple.” Says Steve Ledoux. 

Busy staff must be empowered to manage digital communications with ease, and do so with confidence:

“We use Zivver across our organization, with 200 users. Our staff tell us that it is intuitive to use. It has replaced WeTransfer, 7Zip and the like.”

Powered by contextual machine learning, Zivver enables employees to engage with external healthcare providers, colleagues, patients and their families compliantly and efficiently, so that they can focus on providing the highest level of care.

“It is easy to set up and to roll out from an IT point of view and very simple to use from a user perspective. “

“We would recommend Zivver to other healthcare organizations because it gives an extra layer of security when it comes to the safe transmission of confidential information via email.”

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Last updated - 08/02/22
Securing sensitive patient data at DougieMac
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