A health check on NHS digital communications

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Empowering healthcare staff to ensure digital security best practice

Our foundations are firmly within the healthcare sector. I speak regularly with healthcare professionals about the challenges they confront on a daily basis on the matter of digital security.

Under the GDPR, organizations handling healthcare data are under continual pressure to ensure compliance - because today, data protection is people protection. However, email, the most accessible form of digital communications, doesn't guarantee data security and lacks a number of vital features. 

For example, sharing large files requires healthcare professionals to switch between third party platforms; for NHS staff fulfilling thousands of subject access requests every year, the ability to send large files, quickly and efficiently, is key. 

Additionally, ensuring only the intended recipient can access sensitive data is integral. And, in the instance that something goes wrong (which, on occasion, it unavoidably will), a healthcare professional needs to be able to recall or control access to the communication without delay. 

And yet, today, for many organizations, this functionality is not accessible.

However, for a number of NHS trusts, the tables are turning. Sarah Judge, Digital operational lead & CCIO at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, has shared why her organization chose Zivver to empower healthcare professionals across the trust to embed a secure communications lifestyle.


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By Jack Ashton, Healthcare Specialist, Zivver

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Last updated - 18/04/23
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