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5 reasons public sector organizations choose Zivver to secure their digital communications

Whether communicating with residents or other public sector organizations (including the police, education institutions, healthcare organizations and more), securing data in digital communications is vital for local and central government bodies. 

From supporting compliance with the GDPR with automated data logging, to improving communications with residents, Zivver protects sensitive emails and attachments and provides an effortless user-experience. Here’s how:

1. Integration with Outlook and Office 365

For engaging with residents, colleagues, suppliers and external stakeholders, email is king. Zivver integrates with your email client (including Outlook and Office 365)  empowering effortless secure work through advanced encryption and human error prevention.

Zivver operates silently in the background of your email client, intervening only to alert users to potential errors in the body and attachments of emails, including the presence of sensitive data (such as PII or financial information), incorrect recipients, and misuse of Bcc.

2. Send up to 5TB from your email client

Zivver’s integration enables large file transfer via email. So, when it comes to fulfilling SARs, employees can share large attachments securely from Outlook/Office 365 rather than relying on third party file transfer platforms. Happy employees, happy recipients!

3. Emails are protected before, during and after sending

Zivver alerts employees to incorrect recipients in the ‘to’ field, misuse of Bcc and other common errors before they hit ‘send’. Employees can take action to prevent data leaks and apply advanced encryption to emails and attachments with one click. 

Advanced encryption protects emails during transit, and progressive security controls put the control in employees hands after sending:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) verifies recipient identity
  • Expiration controls and recall functionality restrict access to emails and files 
  • Automated data logging and Proof of Delivery provides accountability and compliance

Zivver also automates domain whitelisting to protect emails in transit, sending them as regular emails to gov.uk domains. For non-accredited domains, verification methods are enabled.

4. Simple and secure for recipients

Recipients of secure emails aren’t required to create Zivver accounts to access messages or attachments. Multi-factor authentication and password protection secures emails from unwanted access and provide an effortless user experience.

5. Recall you can rely on

With Zivver, you can recall an email quickly and easily, without limits. 

And, in the instance of a potential data leak, IT leaders can manage the impact with data logs, detailing message performance including messages received, accessed and more, supporting compliance with evolving data protection regulations and audits.

Interested in learning more? Request a free demo to see Zivver in action. 

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Last updated - 16/02/23
5 reasons local authorities choose Zivver
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