Email Security Empowerment

Empower your people with the next generation of secure communications

Your employees are your most valuable asset, not risks to be mitigated. Empower them with smart ML powered technology to protect data effectively and effortlessly.

The Problem

Protecting sensitive data gets in the way of work

Most communications security solutions today interrupt employee workflows with complex processes or clunky extra steps. When you make it too hard, they find workarounds.

The Solution

Transform how your people think, act and communicate

We applied a people centric mindset to build a highly intuitive integrated solution, empowering people to be secure and successful in their day to day workflows.


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The products you need

We’ve re-imagined secure communications from the ground up

Zivver’s effortless smart secure platform transforms the way organisations and their people think, act and communicate.


Secure Email

Embeds and integrates at the point of use. Modern and consistent UX across the platform.


File Transfer

The easiest way to send data is by email. Now it’s the safest way too.

Free demo
Free demo

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