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Securing every email with advanced security tools | Hertsmere Borough Council

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Hertsmere Borough Council is a local government district with borough status in Hertfordshire, England. The organization made the switch to Zivver in order to enable more users to email securely. We spoke to Information & Digital Services Manager Zahid Zarin to learn how the council is getting on with their new solution:

“At this point in time, we have approximately three times as many people using Zivver compared to our previous supplier. This is mainly due to the number of licenses we now have; Zivver is far more cost-effective, meaning we can empower more people to email securely.”

“When we explored alternative solutions, we saw that Zivver offered more functionality within the M365 environment, providing an overall easier experience for our teams. The ability to send files securely by email is key for our business, and Zivver’s large file sharing functionality is more integrated than our previous solution.”

“With Zivver, we can see how employees are using the system; who is sending files and emails encrypted and so on. This information means we can deliver more training, if needed, and ensure everyone understands the benefits of Zivver so all teams are fully engaged.”

“The dashboards are particularly helpful because we know who should be using Zivver. For example, those who are often in contact with the police, the teams handling sensitive data; these are the people who really benefit from encryption and MFA tools.”

“The external user experience is important to us. We’ve had a couple of external users state they like Zivver. They can email securely in response to emails from our organization, and share sensitive information securely, including files, without creating accounts. It means we can ensure every communication coming into and out of the organization is completely secure.”

“To add an extra layer of security to emails, users can apply multi factor authentication. Users have to input a unique code to access emails - it’s very user-friendly.”

“I regularly meet with our DPO and security officer to review the organization’s security strategy. Zivver is a key tool for protecting sensitive information in transit and is certainly supporting our compliance stance.”

“When we were looking at switching suppliers, I needed to get the buy-in from the security team. Every stakeholder could see how Zivver would support us in meeting our compliance responsibilities, and support better security practices in general.”

“Zivver feels a lot easier to use than our old solution. I have had no complaints on the user-experience front. The team at Zivver have been very responsive and supportive in getting us live. I’d recommend that any local authority consider Zivver for their email security needs!”

First published - 8/6/23
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