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When it comes to safeguarding data, you have to first look at the root cause of most breaches.
Around the globe, human error is consistently the top cause of data leaks, so it’s important to have a security platform that can effectively tackle this. Many companies claim to offer solutions, few actually deliver on providing top flight security alongside user-friendliness.
This combination helps set Zivver apart.

In this blog post we will explore several ways that Zivver’s secure communication platform differs from other solutions on the market, both on the security side as well as ease of use.

Decryption keys can have unintended consequences
When sensitive data needs to be properly secured, only the intended recipient, using 2FA, and the sender should be able to access the data. That’s how we designed our secure communication platform at ZIVVER.

Some of the other providers store decryption keys in their network infrastructure.
That doesn’t mean the data will be intentionally read by a third party, but it gives another access point for it to be retrieved unwittingly. And potentially a massive headache if things go wrong.

Zivver eliminates that possibility by not storing any decryption keys, period.

Two-factor authentication enhances security
Especially these days with so many people working away from the office, properly safeguarding how data is accessed within your organization is key.

Zivver has several options available for 2FA, including by mobile or email, giving you maximum flexibility. It might surprise you that some security solutions on the market don’t require 2FA for recipients. Nowadays 2FA is widely-used to prevent unauthorized access to data. It enhances your data security, which is why we do it. 

Send files securely, up to 5TB
Data protection officers usually cringe at the thought of sensitive data circulating on USB sticks or sent by post when you have to exchange information with others.

At Zivver, we’re actually not allowed to use USB sticks. That’s because it increases the risk that data could accidentally end up in the wrong hands. Instead we use Zivver to transfer files securely. This is done easily from the existing email client, and in a safe and compliant way.

Our customers benefit from virtually unlimited secure file transfer capacity with a generous 5TB limit, whereas some providers are more restrictive.

Tackling the weakest link: your own people
When it comes to data protection, the weakest link in the security chain is often your own people. That’s why at Zivver, we care about providing a great user experience.

If a tool isn’t easy to use, many people won’t bother using it. If they don’t use it, your data is definitely less secure. So how do you get more widespread adoption with your workforce?
It starts with seamless integration.

Zivver works with the most popular email clients such as Outlook and Gmail. This enables people to properly secure their communications, without having to change their existing habits.

Our platform has been designed to easily integrate with existing workflows, and can be up and running quickly with our simple deployment.

Smart technology empowers people to take action before mistakes are made
When someone is in the process of emailing sensitive data, Zivver’s real time alerts can detect mistakes and prevent a data leak before the user hits send.

Some other secure communication providers have only limited means to mitigate a potential data leak after the email has been sent. But let’s face it, that’s cleaning up a mess after the fact.

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid these costly data handling errors before they actually happen?
That’s what you get with Zivver’s smart technology.

For a more detailed look at how Zivver differs from some other solutions on the market, check out our comparison page below where you can also download a comprehensive comparison overview.

ZIVVER Comparison Page


Written by

Kate O'Neill

Originally published on May 26, 2020

Last update on February 5, 2021