How Zivver facilitates digital communications in the legal sector

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Zivver recently won the tender from The Dutch Judicial System, known in the country as De Rechtspraak, to provide a secure communication platform for the legal sector. This means that procedural documents and messages that are normally sent to the court by post or fax can be safely emailed via Zivver. All files and emails are secured via Zivver through strong encryption and authentication.

Following the initial outbreak of the coronavirus, the Dutch judiciary ruled through an emergency regulation in April that courts and lawyers could send procedural documents and messages via Zivver's secure platform. Since people were discouraged from going into the office, and asked to work from home, new ways of working were needed. This ruling was extended by De Rechtspraak until the end of 2020. Subsequently, a tender was issued among various other parties. After a thorough selection, it was determined that Zivver met the extensive range of requirements regarding legislation and regulations, security standards and ease of use. The project was awarded to Zivver in December along with IT partner Centralpoint, and will run for at least one year.

The Judiciary strives to be digitally accessible and it is very important that lawyers and courts can share documents and procedural documents in a safe and user-friendly way. Many lawyers have been using Zivver since the emergency ordinance began. Nothing will change for this group, they will continue to communicate securely. 

Eliminating the fax important step towards digitization

Court documents and messages that normally had to be sent by post or fax can now be sent via Zivver. What does the transition from fax to secure e-mail mean for the sector? We've interviewed multiple lawyers who replaced the fax machine with Zivver.

The feedback we received from Mr. Liana Vieira, lawyer, is something be proud of: "Even the sceptics have now been able to see that it is possible. With the provisional introduction of emailing with the court and the digital submission of procedural documents, an important step has been taken towards a more contemporary way of litigating. Using Secure Mail simply saves us a lot of time. In addition, we know for sure that important information arrives guaranteed (and on time)."

Rick Goud, CIO of Zivver : “COVID-19, but also the rapid developments around data protection guidelines, means that organizations are paying increased attention to the security of their digital communications. It is an interesting development that De Rechtspraak offers lawyers and courts the possibility to send confidential information securely via email."

"By integrating Zivver with systems such as Outlook, Gmail and iManage, human errors are more easily prevented and laws and regulations are complied with. We are proud that we have won the tender and that we can offer De Rechtspraak the comfort of secure communication for a long period of time.”


Written by

Kate O'Neill

Originally published on December 13, 2020

Last update on January 29, 2021