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Zivver featured on the CYBERTECH100 list for 2021

The CYBERTECH100 for 2021 has been unveiled, and this year Zivver has been featured on this esteemed list as a recommended solutions provider for financial sector companies.

What is the CYBERTECH100?

The CYBERTECH100 is an annual list of innovative solution providers suitable for cybersecurity and data protection in the financial services sector. The list is compiled to help make IT, security or compliance professionals, as well as senior executives, aware of the leading security solutions available on the market for their sector.

How were companies like Zivver selected?

According to their website, the selection criteria assessed by the Advisory Board and RegTech Analyst team included the following:

  1. Industry significance of the problem being solved;
  2. Growth, in terms of capital raised, revenue, customer traction;
  3. Innovation of technology solution offered;
  4. Potential cost savings, efficiency improvement, impact on the value chain and/or revenue enhancements generated for clients; and
  5. How important is it for a financial institution to know about the company?

A full list of the companies featured for 2021, including Zivver, can be found on the CyberTech website.

With Zivver, security leaders at financial services companies have a birds-eye view of their email security, giving them the confidence that their users can communicate securely, prevent data leaks and comply fully with data protection regulations. Find out more by contacting Zivver’s UK office on +44 20 3285 6300, or email

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Last updated - 09/12/21
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