Q&A with Jori Besteman (VP Marketing) on Zivver's brand refresh

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Jori Besteman, VP Marketing

Jori Besteman, VP Marketing

To talk about our newly-rebranded website and logo, we sat down with Zivver’s VP of Marketing, Jori Besteman, to understand what the project entailed and the driving factors behind this initiative.

Why was Zivver ready for a new 'brand', a new identity?

Jori: "We are experiencing an incredible period of transition and growth at Zivver right now, both in terms of the types of products we are developing as well as our focus on new markets to fuel our international ambitions and become a top global SaaS company. We are on track with our growth in countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom. The new brand is part of this transition."

"In recent months we have attracted a lot of experienced talent to take Zivver to the next level. It was important for our new website to reflect our professionalism, being our gateway to the world."

"We decided to work with Webs to bring our vision of the new brand to life, alongside our talented in-house team. We also changed the official spelling to 'Zivver' instead of 'ZIVVER'. We like our name of course but as an organization, we prefer to come across as calm, reliable. The brand name 'Zivver' does justice to that."

What are some of the key visuals for Zivver’s new brand identity?

Jori: "We wanted a modern and clean design to refresh the brand, while still having a human touch. So many people work with our software every day, and it's important that they see themselves on our website. So we made sure to put the user first throughout the site. We talk to people, not  faceless robots."

"The photos we use throughout the site are bright and punctuated with accent colours, for added visual appeal. The images feature everyday people in natural and relatable workplace settings, nothing too abstract."

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"We also updated the typography to a sans-serif font with rounded shapes for a friendlier touch, while using a more vibrant shade of blue for our logo. One thing you will continue to see is that we’ve kept our pictorial mark, the hummingbird and shield. The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards, symbolizing the safe transfer between A to B and back again, which is analogous with our brand."


What are some of the enhancements to the site?

Jori: "Of course, marketing specialists know that a nice image is not everything. The new layout also ensures better navigation for users, from desktops, tablets and mobile devices. We have included a series of new videos on different pages throughout the site. These are based on the most searched questions on Google about secure communication - and are relevant to our target audience."

"We’ve also expanded our resources library and added new client cases. And there are many customer cases and success stories in the making for all the main sectors where we see potential. Think of healthcare, education, legal or financial services, and local government institutions, for example. This will help you to better understand how organizations of all sizes and sectors use Zivver."

"When we talk about the service being safe, we mean more than secure. That’s because our platform provides users with real-time awareness training to ensure that your organization’s data policies can be properly adhered to. Non-intrusive alerts help to facilitate employee compliance with regulations such as the GDPR, while also supporting people in making the right decision when handling sensitive data. With Zivver, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that sensitive data is safeguarded, plus your team can avoid making the most common types of data leaks such as emailing the wrong person. This is really key as these leaks can be costly and cause harmful reputational damage."

Fair to say content is key?

Jori: "Content is definitely key, and we are continuing to enhance the website with more sections, including more videos, new whitepapers and helpful guides. We are always improving, testing and providing visitors with the information they are looking for.  For example, throughout the month of October, we’ve been adding new blogs and videos daily addressing the most searched cyber security questions, as part of our Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign. That awareness is very important. Organizations often think that their communications are properly secured, until they make the headlines with a major data breach."

Jori concludes: "Since you’re already here reading this post, I encourage you to explore the new website, starting at the homepage!"


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Kate O'Neill

Originally published on October 22, 2020

Last update on October 22, 2020