Zivver achieves DCB0129 status for NHS Clinical Safety Risk Assesment

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Healthcare workers communicating securely

Healthcare workers communicating securely

DCB0129 Clinical Safety Risk Assessment is the UK standard which sets clinical risk management requirements for manufacturers of health IT systems.

Prepared by the NHS Digital Clinical Safety team, the standard provides a set of requirements to promote and ensure the effective application of clinical risk management by organisations responsible for the development and maintenance of health IT systems for use within the health and care environment. This includes communication solutions designed to enable healthcare workers to communicate safely and comply with UK GDPR and DPA requirements.

Rick Goud, CIO and Founder of Zivver, said the following about the standard: “The NHS has set out the clinical risk management framework for health organisations and suppliers alike, to ensure the highest standards of quality with respect to digital health system assessment and deployment. Zivver is continually working in partnership with clinical teams to ensure our secure communications technology is meeting the highest possible standard and effective application.”

Achieving DCB0129 status is just one example of Zivver's commitment to delivering secure and compliant digital communication solutions to organisations operating in the United Kingdom. You can read more about the DCB0129 Clinical Safety Risk Assesment on the NHS Digital website.

To see how Zivver is helping healthcare organisations of all sizes to communicate securely, visit our healthcare sector page.

Written by

Kate O'Neill

Originally published on July 29, 2021

Last update on July 29, 2021