Why will cyber security always be a blend of technology and human?

During Cyber Security Awareness Month, our cyber security experts answered the most frequently searched questions on securing digital communications, working safely from home and eliminating the biggest cyber risks. In video and written format. 

This time we hear from Rick Goud, CIO at Zivver, answering the question: why will cyber security always be a blend of technology and human?

Humans appear to be the weakest link in cyber security 

It's very cliché, but unfortunately still true. Humans are the weakest link in data and cyber security. The reason for that is because cyber security means ensuring that no data is being sent to or accessible by those who shouldn't have access to your data. And if that's a challenge you need to address, you should look at the root causes of data leaks and why data can get into the wrong hands. The findings may surprise you, as the vast majority of data leaks are easily preventable, namely because:

Over 90% of all data leaks are caused by human error

When you look at the causes of data leaks with national organisations such as the ICO in the U.K., you can see that over 90% of the data leaks can be attributed to employees, people inside organisations, making honest mistakes. So does it make sense to have all this cyber security software?

That's not what we're trying to say. It does make a lot of sense, but only if technology is aimed at helping those employees to make better decisions, protect their data. And that is why technology and humans should go hand in hand because it takes two to tango, so they can reinforce each other. 

And that's why, instead of those old fashioned blackbox gateway based stuff, security solutions, we need to move towards joint decision making, unlocking the human potential. Because people are the key to protecting your data.

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Written by

Kevin Lamers

Originally published on October 21, 2020

Last update on January 6, 2021