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Webinar | Freedom to Focus: Securely Empowered Employees, Protected Businesses

The largest independent research of its kind, Freedom to Focus surveyed over 6000 end users and 850 IT security decision makers to investigate the current state of digital communication security and workplace productivity.

Hosted by PrivSec, we invited a panel of industry specialists to investigate the results and share their views on what our findings mean for organizations operating hybrid working models.

Panel guests include:

  • Rick Goud, CIO, Zivver
  • Tanya Palmariellodiviney, Director, Data Privacy Simplified Ltd
  • Barry Moult, Director, BJM IG Privacy Ltd
  • Host, Kelly Hall, VP Corporate Communications, Zivver

Watch the webinar:


Key takeaways:

  • 98% of employees are calling for freedom to focus on their roles in the face of bureaucratic IT security and an overload of communication platforms
  • Nearly 70% of IT leaders experienced security threats in the last two years from outbound communications
  • 62% of employees admit to sending an email in error - and that is the result of a hybrid working environment

“Since COVID, there has been an explosion of the use of digital tools. But of course there needs to be constraints around those tools (...) We see a landscape of different tools for different purposes; file transfer, e-signatures, secure communications, and still fax and letter… Currently employees are required to use 5 or more different tools to work and communicate. They are hungry for a simple, effortless tool to do everything securely.” Rick Goud, CIO, Zivver


Download the Freedom to Focus research for access to the latest insights into digital security and progressive IT leadership. 

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Last updated - 08/09/23
Freedom to Focus - Securely empowered employees, protected businesses | Webinar
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