University Hospital Frankfurt (UKF) chooses Zivver to improve safety and security in digital communications

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The University Hospital Frankfurt (Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt) chooses Zivver as a long-term partner to enhance security in digital communication. The pandemic situation in particular has increased the need for secure digital solutions for patient care. Zivver’s platform for secure communication will help Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt to digitise patient care in a secure way.

Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt has rigorously tested and researched Zivver’s solution during an extensive Proof of Concept period. They verified user appreciation and adoption, and the value of their product to the provision of clinical care, outpatient care and administrative exchange of information. Michael von Wagner, Ärztlicher Leiter Medizinische Informationssysteme und Digitalisierung (CMIO): “The current pandemic situation in particular has increased the need for digital solutions for patient care. But also in the future, when we can hopefully meet each other more easily again and our patients regularly meet in person, there will often be occasions when a short email is the way with the least effort for an exchange between UKF staff and their patients.”

Communication will change in the future and needs to be secure

He continues: “We want to identify further use cases in which the contact, including the initial contact, of patients or referring physicians can best be mapped by a mail. Also, in the future, the communication of providers with patients will change, it will be exciting to support this communication through secure email communication.”

After switching to Zivver, healthcare organisations see an increase in secure communication, user satisfaction, higher productivity and cost savings, which ultimately leads to better patient care.

Wouter Klinkhamer, CEO of Zivver says, "Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt is a leading hospital in Germany, and the largest hospital in Hessen. We are proud to be their partner in digitalization. We now serve healthcare institutions in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, including many academic hospitals. The full adoption of our email data protection solution for several years underscores our fit with the extensive technical and functional requirements of German organizations in general - and health care providers specifically. Privacy and security are in our DNA. After switching to Zivver, healthcare organisations see an increase in secure communication, user satisfaction, productivity gains and cost reductions, ultimately providing better patient care and a secure healing environment.”

Way of working doesn’t have to change to safeguard digital communications

Michael von Wagner: “Zivver's solution is integrated into Outlook and continuously checks the combination of addressee and content of text and attachment for the transmission of sensitive data to the outside. This means that employees no longer have to think about whether an email should be encrypted or not, but are informed by the system if this is the case. The employees' way of working does not have to change much to use the system. In addition, the emails are easy to open for the recipient; we received positive feedback on this in the proof of concept.”

Zivver widely used outside clinical areas

It is good to emphasize that it is indeed not only medical data but also administrative data that contains sensitive information such as financial data, personal data, and so on. UKF wants to share this in a secure and controlled way." Von Wagner: “Especially in the administrative areas, sensitive data is regularly exchanged with for example the cost units and a high demand was indicated. But the clinical users are also grateful to have an encryption technology that enables them to respond to email enquiries from patients requesting the sending of findings such as laboratory results without violating the justified requirements of data protection.”


Zivver will collaborate with UKF to create a business case together to inspire other hospitals to add an extra layer of security to their digital communications.

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Written by

Kate O'Neill

Originally published on April 28, 2021

Last update on April 28, 2021