The User Representatives - Always here to help you!

The User Representatives - Always here to help you!

The User Representatives - Always here to help you!


At ZIVVER the success of our customers is paramount! For that reason, we have a dedicated Customer Success team to help our customers maximize their value from our product. Part of the Customer Success team are the User Representatives. Their ultimate goal is to create happy ZIVVER users, by solving all issues, providing information and representing their voice within ZIVVER.

In the following, we prepared a short Q&A to help you understand the User Reps role, and how they can help you!

What is the purpose of the User Representatives?

The User Representatives strive to ensure the best possible experience when using ZIVVER. Our team consists of highly-committed, service-oriented User Reps. We solve any issues or roadblocks related to the usage of ZIVVER. We make sure that every user can communicate simply and securely every time. Therefore, we never leave a case unfinished! The satisfaction of our users is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

What differentiates a Support Team and User Representatives?

We're not a regular support team. We're genuine representatives of our users within ZIVVER. For example, we're involved in setting up the product roadmap and testing new functionalities that will benefit our existing users and future ones. 

For us, a problem that needs to be solved means a challenge to overcome. We see every issue as an opportunity to learn. It helps us think about how we can improve the user experience and prevent similar obstacles from happening again.

How can I reach the User Representatives?

There are several ways to reach us. We acknowledge that people have different preferences. Some like to find answers themselves, while others want to have personal assistance. For that reason, users can reach us via email, our help form, or our 24/7 accessible and comprehensive online knowledge base. If needed or preferred, we contact our customers on the phone or share our screens to give step by step guidance. We will do whatever it takes to solve a problem, or better saying, overcome a challenge.

What can be expected from the online knowledge base?

We're very proud of our online knowledgebase. We encourage all our users to have a look at it themselves! It's an easily searchable page containing a vast number of manuals, instruction videos, and FAQs. It's also possible to leave your feedback on the knowledge base page itself. We take the input from our users very seriously. It's an essential source of information for our product roadmap. We believe we need to build a product that delivers the actual needs of our users. There's no better way to learn what those needs are than having an open communication channel with them!

How do you maintain the User Reps service quality consistent?

It all starts with hiring the right people. We have a great team of representatives with a user-focused mindset and excellent communication skills. They're all curious individuals who love to solve the 'puzzles' that come our way every day. Additionally, we have a robust Quality Assurance (QA) engine. The QA lead assesses whether our answers comply with our quality guidelines and coaches the team on how to maintain quality consistency.

How successful is ZIVVER's customer success team?

We're very proud of what we've reached so far. Over 90% of our users get a reply within 60 minutes. Our development team solves issues identified by our users in our product, more complex issues or requests get a spot on the roadmap to be addressed as soon as possible. We get great feedback from the customers that reach out to us. Nevertheless, that does not make us any less ambitious. We strive every day to improve our service to deliver more value to our users.

Our Customer Success managers are continually monitoring the success of our clients. If an issue arises, our User Reps jump right in to fix them swiftly. We are proud of ZIVVER's high success rate. However, obstacles do come up sometimes, and it's our job to get them out of the way proactively. We do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are benefiting from everything ZIVVER has to offer. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us if you are facing any issues, we are here to help!


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Written by

Renato Zamagna

Originally published on August 30, 2019

Last update on December 12, 2019