Secure your communications with Zivver’s new self-service feature

Securing email can be crossed off the company to-do list in less time than it will take to read this blog post, thanks to Zivver’s new self-service feature for small and medium-sized businesses

According to Eurostat, there are over 23 million small and medium-sized businesses across the European Union. Reports indicate that many of these companies are struggling to comply with privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which went into effect in 2018. This is hardly a surprise, especially as many of these organizations do not have a data protection officer in place or robust IT departments (if they have one at all). With Zivver’s new self-service option, these businesses can easily secure their email and file transfers in just a few clicks. No IT department is necessary!

GDPR compliance: better late than never

With various elements of GDPR to consider, becoming compliant can seem like a daunting task, but it is very important to achieve. Non-compliance can cost small and medium-sized businesses up to 4% of their annual revenue in fines from regulators, which is a hefty sum for what is often a preventable mistake. The fine is on top of other costs stemming from a data leak incurred by the business, plus reputational damage. 

Data leaks are typically caused by the unauthorized transmission of information from inside an organization to an external recipient. Put simply, one example is when someone accidentally emails sensitive information to the wrong person. With employees dealing with an average of 130 work emails per day, mistakes will surely happen occasionally. Fortunately there are affordable and user-friendly solutions available to help businesses of any size avoid costly and embarrassing data leaks. ZIVVER is a market leader in data leak prevention for outgoing communications, partly because of their unique ‘’Triple Safe’’ technology.

Better to be “Triple Safe” than sorry

Zivver’s “Triple Safe” technology is deployed at each stage of the communication journey, the service is sophisticatedly designed to minimize the possibility of data leaks in several ways.

Before: Prevent misaddressed and unsecured sensitive emails before they are sent. These types of mistakes include:

  • Auto-completion functionalities of email clients, accidentally adding the wrong recipient;
  • Attaching a file that contains sensitive information the user is unaware of;
  • Users not being aware that the information they are sharing is sensitive;
  • Exposing recipients’ contact details by failing to use BCC.

With Zivver’s real-time message classification and seamless contextualisation, messages are efficiently evaluated using sophisticated AI to detect any anomalies before the message has been sent.

During:  Zivver proudly uses best in class encryption combined with 2FA authentication for recipients. Confidential is truly confidential, as not even ZIVVER can decrypt messages that have been sent securely. 

After: If a mistake has been made and the communication has been sent, access insights enable users to identify data leaks and then mitigate the impact via message retraction. This is a very useful feature which can help stop data leaks in their tracks and facilitate GDPR reporting requirements. 

We have made it even simpler for small and medium-sized businesses to send emails and file transfers securely, plus comply with privacy legislations. Now is the time to order. 

Up to 50 users? Convenience at your fingertips
Setting up a Zivver account for up to 50 users can be conveniently done from any device in just a few clicks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can simply choose the desired plan, select the number of users, and pay with a credit card to immediately create a Zivver account and begin sending communications securely.

50+ users? Talk to our experts 
If you have more than 50 users you’ll probably have specific requests. Let us know what your business needs are, our experts can provide you with a tailored quote for your business.

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Written by

Kate O'Neill

Originally published on January 17, 2020

Last update on February 5, 2021