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Smart and getting smarter: How Zivver Synctool empowers truly effortless email security

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a vital yet time-consuming process for IT leaders today, particularly in larger organizations. Controlling access to data and functions within a growing and changing workforce is no easy feat. When it comes to managing access to digital communications containing sensitive data, there is no room for error.

Through seamless integration with O365 and Gmail, Zivver empowers employees to avoid the leading causes of data leaks. For us, user-experience and security go hand in hand. One-click encryption and machine learning-powered business rules make doing the secure thing easy for employees. For IT leaders, user-experience is equally important; effective security is built from the ground up, after all, and getting the foundations right is vital.

For this reason, we’re pleased to share the details of our new and very much improved Zivver Synctool.

Automating user provisioning with Zivver Synctool v2

Our enhanced Synctool makes managing Zivver accounts (adding, modifying and deleting) easy for IT administrators. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with over 100 users, where business growth or staff turnover may be high. 

Zivver Synctool empowers truly effortless user provisioning by supporting complex identity workflows, including:

  • Managing and delegating access to group or shared mailboxes
  • Complex identity management scenarios, including employee email changes or managing users with guest accounts prior to the organization’s onboarding
  • Managing administrator access from external parties in parallel to managing access for employees
  • Creating alias email addresses for users and shared mailboxes

Through a user-friendly user interface, the Synctool delivers a seamless experience for administrators, providing a concise overview of any planned changes before they are performed as well as an indication of which steps still need to be configured.

Of course, synchronization of changes can also be scheduled as an automated task that runs at the organization's preferred frequency. This ensures that users and rights to mailboxes are provisioned and deprovisioned as soon as changes are made in the underlying source system - keeping things absolutely effortless for administrators and IT leaders.

Administrators can connect multiple sources, including Exchange Online, Active Directory, other LDAP sources and more. 

And, to keep things really simple, Zivver provides an extensive overview of the Synctool’s performance, with automated reporting of new synchronizations as well as detailed audit trails of past synchronizations.

The logs can be written to a file location specified by the user. This is particularly helpful in the instance that files need to be processed in an alternative automated system.

Tried and tested, over 600 organizations are already using our enhanced Synctool to automate the provisioning of Zivver accounts, saving time and improving security for their organization.

Synctool is just one example of how we’re continually enhancing the Zivver platform for organizations. To learn more about how we can empower smart security for your team, get in touch.

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Last updated - 19/01/23
Smart and getting smarter: How Zivver Synctool empowers truly effortless email security
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