Improving safety and security in digital communications: Jeugdzorg Nederland joins forces with Zivver

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Jeugdzorg Nederland, the Dutch National Youth Care Organization, has teamed up with Zivver to provide safe and secure digital communications. Jeugdzorg Nederland is the national sector association for organizations that offer youth care, youth protection and/or youth rehabilitation. Thanks to the collaboration, all members of Jeugdzorg Nederland can access and use Zivver's safe and secure email platform. Positive user experiences, extensive features to protect email data and the NTA 7516 certification are the primary reasons why the association is recommending Zivver to its members.

Jeugdzorg Nederland is the association representing organizations in the youth care, protection and rehabilitation sector. "Providing youth care is a distinct area of healthcare that involves sharing lots of sensitive information with the various authorities involved," says Robert van Someren, director of ICT/IV at Jeugdzorg Nederland. "Ensuring this information is handled securely is crucial. If data from youth care organizations were to fall into the wrong hands, this could significantly undermine confidence in the authorities and in healthcare services. Zivver's platform will help to prevent this from happening."

Wouter Klinkhamer, CEO of Zivver says, "The fact that Jeugdzorg Nederland as a sector association has chosen to collaborate with Zivver is a huge compliment. We have a long history of fruitful partnerships with several youth care organizations in the Netherlands, including Jeugdbescherming Overijssel. After switching to Zivver, this organization saw a substantial rise in safe and secure emailing practices and messages sent."

Klinkhamer adds, "Zivver now has working relationships with over 40% of Dutch hospitals, and our market share is growing steadily in sectors including financial services and public authorities, at both a local and national level. Here at Zivver, we have both the drive and the product to continue growing our collaboration with this sector, with ease of use and compliance as our top priority throughout."

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Written by

Kevin Lamers

Originally published on March 31, 2021

Last update on March 31, 2021