Improve your Office 365 security with Zivver

Prevent data leaks, improve compliance and save on costs when you combine the flexibility of Office 365 with the enhanced security of Zivver!  Did you know that Office 365 is the most popular cloud-based office solution used by enterprises across the globe today? There are currently over 180 million subscribers worldwide and growing. Office 365 has achieved this market share in less than ten years since the service was launched in 2011. 

While the software continues to evolve, certain security vulnerabilities remain. Namely, the data loss prevention (DLP) functionalities offered by Office 365 can make it particularly prone to accidental data leaks. The good news is that Zivver can integrate seamlessly with Office 365, providing users with improved security while reducing the likelihood of accidental and costly data leaks.

The number one cause of data leaks? Human error.

Zivver’s secure communication service was designed specifically to tackle the threat of unintentional data leaks caused by email or file transfers. Many people don’t realize that insider incidents (human error by employees) actually represent the highest proportion of breaches overall, while they receive less attention from the media compared to external attacks. Examples of higher profile breaches include incidents involving Marriott International and British Airways, which resulted in massive fines under GDPR, both companies are currently appealing the decision.

Current Office 365 subscribers can step-up their data loss prevention and security efforts simply by opting to use Zivver’s safe communication solutions alongside Office 365. Because Zivver integrates seamlessly with Office 365, users do not need to change any of their existing work habits to begin sending communications safely.

We'll give you 8 reasons why you should with Zivver, in this short overview.

Enhance your Office 356 security

Written by

Kate O'Neill

Originally published on March 2, 2020

Last update on February 11, 2021