How can you ensure remote working is done safely?

During Cyber Security Awareness Month, our cyber security experts answered the most frequently searched questions on securing digital communications, working safely from home and eliminating the biggest cyber risks. In video and written format. 

Rick Goud, CIO at Zivver, answered the following question: how can you ensure remote working is done safely?

Working from home increases certain data security risks

Since COVID-19, we've seen a rapid increase of working from home. And of course, with remote working, that increases certain risks because your employees are in an environment where you cannot provide all those technological constraints that they would normally have at the office, because they're at home. To help ensure a good adoption of online security habits, we have created the following safety tips to follow when working at home in this article

But it's maybe not even about technology. We should talk about the human factor.

Technology alone is not enough to ensure data security

Because when people work from home, they often have to change their way of working. And any time people have to change their way of working, errors are more likely to happen. So working from home securely is not only about technology.

It's a combination of technology and the human factor. It's not about VPNs. It's not about encryption. It's about your company providing staff with tools that enable them to work securely. But this is only the beginning.

More importantly, securing data with a distributed workforce is about educating employees how they should use those tools in such a way that puts them in control of protecting sensitive data, without forcing them into habits they were not used to.  

And that is where technology and people come together, both are key to make a digital working from home environment safe. 

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Written by

Kevin Lamers

Originally published on October 20, 2020

Last update on February 11, 2021