Zivver for Gmail is now available!

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Zivver's secure email solution has always integrated seamlessly with Outlook, the world's most widely used email program. Our market-leading innovative software, and the preferred solution for millions of Microsoft users, is by popular demand now also available for Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) users. 

The new functionality enables the more than five million Google Workspace users (formerly known as G Suite) worldwide to add an extra security layer to their communications without having to leave their native Gmail environment. 

This makes it the perfect extension to facilitate secure communications for a remote workforce as well as safeguard sensitive communication flows on location.

Zivver’s promise; data loss prevention tools, strong encryption, and realtime access control, all directly integrated in Google Workspace. Organizations no longer need to change their way of working to secure their data and communicate safely. 

In this article;

  • Why organizations need secure email
  • Why Gmail is not secure enough
  • What’s the Zivver Google Workspace extension for Gmail? 
  • How the Zivver Google Workspace extension for Gmail helps


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Why organizations need secure email

Data leak reports from privacy authorities all over the world, including the ICO, show that the vast majority of data leaks are caused inadvertently. In 2019, more than 90% of all data leaks in the United Kingdom were a result of human error, mostly via email, and not by hackers or cyber criminals (which is what most people tend to think). Data breaches can cause major reputational damage and also incur high costs (both in terms of business expenditures and financial penalties). 

A data breach is the type of incident that every company should fear. It can happen at any time and be highly consequential. In fact, according to Cisco research, 60% of small and medium sized businesses that suffer a large data loss go bankrupt within three years. But that doesn’t only happen to smaller businesses. In fact, for larger enterprises especially, reputational damage can sometimes affect the brand for life. 

To avoid reputation damage, high costs and even bankruptcy, organizations need to properly secure their email. This is due to the fact that ‘’normal’’ email lacks functionalities to prevent human error (such as a misdirected email), to ensure that messages cannot be intercepted, to prevent third parties from accessing emails stored on servers, to limit the impact of a data breach and authentication so that only the right people have access to your data - and so on. This is the case with Gmail, Outlook, you name it, they all lack key functionalities to ensure data security. 

Why Gmail is not secure enough

Security of e-mail and file sharing can be roughly divided into three steps: before sending the information (are we sending the right information to the right person), during sending (can no one intercept or view the information along the way) and during receiving (how do we know if the recipient is actually the intended recipient).

Before: Gmail won’t be able to alert users when they are about to share sensitive information in an unsafe way. Whether it’s emailing the wrong person or attaching the incorrect file, Zivver’s smart technology enables you to correct these types of mistakes before hitting send, ensuring you can be compliant with your organization’s data policies.

During: Gmail is not secure enough for organizations that share sensitive customer, employee or company information. In short; they can’t guarantee that your message will be delivered securely. That’s because of many reasons, to start with weak security measures. Gmail supports secure email transport via STARTTLS, which is considered a very basic security measure. It has many weak spots and above all, STARTTLS is an opportunistic protocol. 

Why? Let’s get a little technical here. Even though nowadays enabling TLS should be one click away, this doesn’t solve the problem, as you have a dependency on your recipient’s server settings. To create a secure connection, both the sender and recipient must use TLS. When a secure connection can't be created, Gmail delivers messages over non-secure connections - or not at all. Using Zivver for Gmail ensures that a message will be delivered securely when needed. 

After: Plus, with Zivver's zero-knowledge encryption, you can be assured that third party access on the vendor side is not possible. Meaning that parties like Google can never access the data. Safety guaranteed, even our own employees cannot decrypt any secure message. And if a mistake has been made and you’ve emailed the wrong person, you can quickly restrict access to the communication using the recall email feature.

Zivver for Gmail now makes it easier for organizations to protect any privacy-sensitive data. Data is safeguarded before, during and after the sending and receiving of information via email. 

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What is Zivver for Gmail? 

The Google Workspace extension automatically scans all information when users compose an email in their Gmail environment. Non-intrusive alerts notify users when they’re about to share sensitive information, which enables them to easily send emails and files (even up to 5,000 GB) in a safe and secure way with internal and external contacts.

And Zivver’s main USP is more technical: Zivver analyses and stores the relationships between the type of information being sent, the recipient it is sent to and the sender's prior behaviour patterns. This allows Zivver to provide the user with context specific and relevant alerts, effectively helping them prevent data leaks.  

The Google Workspace extension for Gmail facilitates all of this, and much more, directly from your own email client. 

How the extension helps

+ Powerful encryption

Asymmetric zero-knowledge encryption ensures that no unauthorized people can access your message. Your confidential communications remain truly confidential. This means that even parties such as Google do not have access to that data. 

+ Secure two-factor-authentication (2FA)

The most secure way to ensure that only intended recipients can access messages you send them. Several options are available when initiating a message for added flexibility.

+ Revoke emails if necessary

If a mistake has been made and you’ve emailed the wrong person, you can quickly restrict access to the communication using the revoke email feature.

+ Determine what is sensitive information 

Use either standard or customized business rules to ensure that the appropriate level of security for each message is applied each time, these can be easily adjusted as needed.

+ Send files up to 5,000 GB from your very own inbox

No need to use extra tools that collect your data. Easily send files securely up to 5,000 GB with Zivver. 

+ Great guest user experience 

Anyone can conveniently receive a Zivver message, regardless of where they are or what email tool they use, and they won’t need to create an account.

+ Zivver for Gmail now available! 

Because users send and receive secure messages directly from Gmail, they don’t need to change their way of working or use another security tool or message portal. 

Download the Zivver for Gmail Product Sheet for more information
- or book a Zivver for Gmail demonstration (free of charge)


Written by

Kevin Lamers

Originally published on November 12, 2020

Last update on July 27, 2021