Zivver set to expand its sales channel for email security in the UK



Fresh off a media tour to support the recent launch of Zivver’s secure email and file transfer solutions in the United Kingdom, Zivver is poised to announce new channel partners shortly. These partners will help support the company’s aggressive growth strategy in 2020 and beyond.

Zivver’s arrival in the UK coincides with increased local media attention on the mishandling of personal data. Since the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 legislation came into effect, organizations of all sizes are being held to a higher standard in terms of how they safeguard against data breaches, whether internal or external in nature.

Record fines imposed for data breaches

Financial penalties for data protection violations set new records in 2019, and this trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. Both British Airways and Marriott International were issued provisional fines in July 2019 for security breaches that exposed the personal data of millions of people. British Airways was handed an eye-popping £183 million fine by the Information Commissioner’s Office, which was less than half the maximum amount that could have legally been imposed on them. Marriott International received a £99 million fine for their widespread data breach. Both companies intend to appeal the decision.  

The maximum financial penalty for data breaches prior to the new legislation was £500,000.  With strict oversight and steep fines, companies can no longer afford to be complacent when it comes to protecting their data. 

In response to these massive fines, UK Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, strongly emphasized the need for organizations to comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 legislation or face severe consequences:

"Personal data has a real value so organizations have a legal duty to ensure its security, just like they would do with any other asset. If that doesn’t happen, we will not hesitate to take strong action when necessary to protect the rights of the public."

Growing need for enhanced email security 

While the aforementioned incidents were a result of external hacking efforts, statistics show that most data breaches are actually caused unintentionally as a result of human error. The ICO’s Data security incident trends for Q4 2018 reported 79% of all data leaks were non-cyber related/due to human error by employees. In 41% of all known causes, the data leak was caused by simply sending information to the wrong person. The report also indicated that 11% of data security incidents were due to unauthorized access, largely due to a lack of two-factor authentication.

A data protection solution with two-factor authentication

Zivver provides more than 3500 organizations with email security throughout the entire communication process (before, during and after sending of the file). It is these three steps that Zivver refers to as their ‘triple safe’ solution and helps set the company apart in the email security sector.

Rick Goud, CEO and Founder of Zivver said the following while attending a launch event in London: “The UK is a very interesting market for Zivver - its innovative tech culture mirroring that of the Netherlands, with growing volumes of sensitive information being sent digitally. This similarity makes our triple safe technology a perfect fit, helping organizations here to more easily and affordably stop data leaks happening through human error and unauthorized access. Our integrations allow workers to use their normal email environment, such as Outlook and Gmail, and the strong encryption and two-factor authentication we apply - across all outbound e-mail and file transfer content – minimizes security risks still further.”

The company provides secure email and file transfer solutions for small businesses with only a single employee, to large global enterprises with more than 10,000 people.  Regardless of the sector, from government organizations to large insurance and legal firms, Zivver can meet the unique needs for each entity.  

Zivver’s innovative solution can significantly reduce the possibility for human error in several ways. This means enhanced data protection for customers and contacts while simultaneously improving overall performance.


Written by

Kate O'Neill

Originally published on November 8, 2019

Last update on February 5, 2021