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5 reasons why NHS trusts choose Zivver

In recent years, the NHS has been the subject of a number of high profile data breaches. No trust can afford to accept anything less than the most robust data security platforms today, particularly when it comes to managing subject access requests, personally identifiable information, and other sensitive patient data.

Here are five reasons Zivver is the new era of communications security for the healthcare industry:

1: Automate security and prevent accidents

Zivver alleviates pressure by empowering users with automated workflows and machine learning.

The moment users begin to compose messages, Zivver securely observes the subject, body, and attachment of email and alerts people to potential errors:

  • Sensitive information? Zivver suggests sending securely
  • Incorrect recipient? Zivver alerts the user immediately
  • Cc instead of Bcc? Zivver recommends best practice

Zivver also automates the whitelisting of domains to ensure emails are safe in transit and are delivered as regular emails to and other DCB1596 accredited domains; for non-accredited domains, verification methods are enabled.

2: User-friendly for patients

Zivver is designed to be user-friendly for both the sender and the receiver:

  • Advanced zero knowledge encryption protects emails in transit
  • Patients don’t need to create Zivver accounts to access secure emails or attachments
  • 2FA and password protection ensures emails and attachments are accessed by only the intended recipient.

3: Share large files and fulfill subject access requests (SARs) with ease

The number of SARs is rising; standard email limits file sizes making it difficult to share documents securely and easily.

  • Zivver enables users to send up to 5TB within Outlook
  • Zivver encrypts files and enables password protection and 2FA - and we don’t hold your encryption keys
  • Accessing emails is easy for patients and third parties - no clunky platforms or portals involved
  • Senders can monitor emails after sending, and see when a SAR has been received and downloaded

4: Automate digital patient communications

Many trusts still spend time and money manually sending appointment reminders, referrals and letters via the post.

Zivver Mail Submission add-on integrates with Electronic Patient Records and other source systems to automate the secure sending of letters

Zivver automatically utilises details held within the systems to add a verification method for recipients (e.g. the patients mobile or NHS number)

5: Encourage trust-wide cyber security awareness

Compulsory security awareness training is increasingly treated as a tick-in-the-box requirement and an exercise in ensuring compliance.

  • Zivver educates users in email best practice in real-time
  • Zivver makes security decisions on behalf of the user
  • Smart machine learning is constantly learning from user behaviour

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Last updated - 20/02/23
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