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5 reasons legal organizations choose Zivver

From supporting compliance with data protection laws to enabling secure large file transfer by email, here’s why legal organizations choose Zivver.

1 - Integration with Outlook and Gmail 

For engaging with clients, colleagues, and external stakeholders, email is king. Zivver integrates with your email client (including Outlook, Office 365, Gmail) empowering effortless secure work through advanced encryption and human error prevention.

Zivver operates silently in the background of your email client, intervening only to alert users to potential errors in the body and attachments of emails.

2 - Proof of delivery

Say goodbye to inefficient couriers and fax machines and welcome in a new era of smart, secure proof of delivery for your sensitive digital communications.

Zivver Prove enables you to view, download, and print a certifiable Proof of Delivery or Proof of Receipt report for every message and file sent or received via Zivver, all within your email client.

3 - Two way secure communication

Conversation Starter enables guest users to share data with your organization with no account creation, payments, or hoop jumping required. Zivver’s advanced security protocols are applied to every message and attachment sent, supporting compliance and providing a secure and user-friendly experience.

4 -  No account creation required for non-Zivver users

In addition to being able to send secure emails to your organization, receiving messages and attachments is easy for non-Zivver users, too, with no account creation required.

To verify recipient identity, the sender can set two-factor authentication to secure emails against unwanted access.

5 - Large file transfer 

Zivver’s integration enables large file transfer via email. So, when it comes to sharing large data files, videos or more, employees can share large attachments securely from Outlook, M365 or Gmail. Apply advanced encryption with one click and manage access even after sending with multi factor authentication, expiration controls and data logging. 

Are you looking for a secure communications platform for your firm? Find our more or get in touch to see Zivver in action.

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Last updated - 22/02/23
5 reasons why legal organizations choose Zivver
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