2020 forever changed how we work and communicate

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Without question, 2020 is a year that none of us will ever forget, with the deadliest pandemic in over a century leaving practically no one untouched in some way. And while there is thankfully some light now at the end of this dark tunnel, the world has forever changed, and that includes for many of us, how we work and communicate.

For example, how many of you will be connecting with loved ones over video calls this holiday season instead of being together at the dinner table? 

Fortunately, at Zivver, our operations were not severely disrupted like so many other sectors during this tumultuous time, but the year did bring about some change for us as a company nonetheless.

With lockdowns comes remote working… and the need for secure video calling!

Like many others, we rapidly transitioned to a remote workforce from the first lockdown.  The whole team was suddenly working from home, and we started using video conferencing tools and webinars to replace what normally would have been done in person.

Working in these new ways prompted another Zivver innovation: Zivver Meet. With Zoom video conferencing experiencing well-documented problems (including ‘Zoombombing’), we decided to develop our own secure solution, in record time. The rapid development of this video calling tool shows our capacity and flexibility as a company to successfully adapt to sudden market changes and help solve the problems our customers face.

After all, everything we do is designed to help our customers (and ourselves) to communicate more securely!

We helped important organizations to pivot to digital communications

With so much sudden change, organizations were in urgent need of tools to help them adapt to new ways of working. I’m proud that Zivver played a part in helping the continuity of operations for the Dutch judicial system and other crucial ministries. This included winning the RFP for the Ministry of Defense, who are notoriously rigid in their security criteria. The Dutch DWP (UWV) had an immediate need, also due to COVID, to enable secure digital communication with their (unfortunately) many stakeholders.

For the judicial system our secure communication platform ensured that messages between all stakeholders could be easily exchanged digitally in a safe environment, supported by an emergency ordinance to make Zivver legally equal to fax or courier! This made communication simpler, faster, and more cost-effective for thousands of people.

During 2020 we’ve also launched Zivver for Gmail, which enables Google users to add an extra security layer to their communications without having to leave their native Gmail environment. With this Gmail integration we are unique in Europe! We successfully rolled out this enhancement to a number of large organizations such as Buurtzorg, and this gives customers more flexibility when using our solutions.

And while ‘social distancing’ has been the norm for much of 2020, our teams collaborated closely together online to provide top support to our customers, garnering even higher NPS scores.

Our rocket ship is accelerating 

We opened a new office in London in a year when many companies were looking to downscale, serving as a regional base for our great team of 10 Zivvies in the UK . They are bringing on more clients to grow our footprint, and increasing the number of value-added resellers and channel partners we’re collaborating with. 

Back at our headquarters in Amsterdam, many talented people joined the team to help us keep pace with our rapid growth. On December 1st we even had 15 Nivvies (new Zivvies) start on the same day! They will support us in our next phase as we further entrench ourselves as a market leader, while at the same time explore new opportunities. We’re hiring for many positions right now, be sure to check out our vacancies section if you want to get on this rocket ship!

I also decided to take a new role at Zivver. I’m now the CIO which enables me to spend more time doing what I’m most passionate about, you can read all about that here. Wouter Klinkhamer has taken the reins as our new CEO, and you can read an interview he gave to ABN Amro on advice for successful SaaS companies here

An award-winning company that’s getting more attention (and investment!)

Along the way we earned some prestigious accolades, such as being recognized as the fastest growing SaaS B2B company in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and also presented with a Computable Award for best Dutch company in the software/SaaS category. 

This is in addition to the fresh rounds of investment raised to the tune of $17 million from DN Capital and Smartfin, bringing our total funding to date at over $30 million. We’ll be using this to accelerate our growth and expand our range of digital communication solutions. 

Listings were successfully achieved on several important frameworks, such as the NHSX Clinical Communications Tool and the G-Cloud 12 frameworks for the UK Government, plus we’re also featured on the RegTech 100 for 2021. On the certification side we added Cyber Essentials Plus, McAfee and NTA 7516, the most stringent standard in the world for secure ad-hoc communication, to our security credentials. 

Last but not least, Zivver was featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security as one of the five Global Representative Email Data Protection Specialists and was found to be the best outbound email data protection solution in an industry report by Omdia, which compared Zivver favorably against some other solutions. You can get your free copy of it here.

What’s next?

Looking ahead, I’m excited for what 2021 has in store and the potential it brings (I’m sure most of us can’t wait for 2020 to be over), I’ll share more insights on what’s next for Zivver in an upcoming blog post. There may be new ways of working now, but Zivver can help organizations successfully navigate this evolving landscape to properly safeguard their sensitive data and protect their reputations.

And as a final note, please remember that it’s a season for giving and helping those most in need. We recently wrapped up our annual Christmas party (pun intended), virtually of course (what else?), where we announced that we would be giving all employees a well-deserved week off between Christmas and New Year (something everyone loved). The winners of our team competitions during this event were awarded donations valued at €2500 to the charities of their choice. 

If you can pay it forward in any way this holiday season, I encourage you to do so. Trust me, it’ll make you feel good!

Happy Holidays!


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Rick Goud

Rick heeft ruim 6 jaar gewerkt als strategieconsultant in de gezondheidszorg bij Gupta Strategists. Hij studeerde medische informatiekunde aan de UvA en Zorgmanagement aan de Erasmus Universiteit. Daarnaast is hij gepromoveerd in de Geneeskunde aan de UVA op de ontwikkeling, implementatie en evaluatie van beslissingsondersteunende systemen in de zorg. Tijdens zijn studie heeft Rick een aantal jaar als programmeur gewerkt. Het idee achter Zivver ontstond tijdens zijn werk als strategieconsultant. Overal waar hij kwam werd veel met gevoelige data gewerkt zoals patiëntgegevens, prijsafspraken, marktprestaties, contracten etc. Bij elke klant speelden vragen over veiligheid van de data, hergebruik van de data, etc. Regelmatig zag hij dat gebruik gemaakt werd van oplossingen waarbij de veiligheid en beheersbaarheid onduidelijk was. Op basis hiervan zag hij dat er een duidelijke behoefte was aan een oplossing zoals Zivver die biedt.

Originally published on December 24, 2020

Last update on December 24, 2020