Giving security leaders in the financial services sector a bird’s eye view of email security

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While the financial services sector fights an endless battle, fending off hundreds of thousands of cyberattacks every single day, cyber adversaries only have to get lucky once. To protect your organisation from all directions, you need a bird’s eye view over your email security.

The most critical battle faced by today's financial institutions is one to ensure data protection and security. Yet the cybersecurity space for financial service firms is incredibly complex. Although human error remains the root cause of email security breaches, a simple organic search of “email security solutions” generates approximately 1,640,000,000 results... 

The very nature of cybersecurity for the financial services sector makes it a constantly moving target, so it comes as no surprise to hear that 70% of financial institutions view privacy as a key risk for their business*. But the sheer number of tools and technologies designed to combat the rapid onslaught of attacks is enough to make any business leader’s head spin, as they contemplate which platform achieves what and those that are worth the investment.

Often, financial services firms feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to tackle today’s cyber threats. Two thirds of financial services firms have experienced a cyber-attack in the past year, despite 92% investing in cybersecurity. What does that tell us? The platforms and technologies that have been brought in to provide a frontline of defence simply aren’t doing their job. 

Financial service security professionals and executive decision makers need an objective overview of the digital risks they are up against, one that stays on top of data protection regulation changes and one that stops a data leak straight in its tracks. They need a bird’s eye view over email security across their organisation. Why?

Because employees are your biggest cybersecurity risk

Employees, unfortunately, introduce the most risk to an organisation. Intentionally or more often, unintentionally, employees grant access to secure systems, data and confidential information. So often in fact that when it comes to data leaks, human error is the culprit 80% of the time. 

When 29% of financial service employees admit to clicking on a phishing email – way higher than the UK average – the cracks are too large to simply paper over. Whether they email the wrong person or attach an incorrect file, every time your employees send communications containing confidential information, financial services firms are walking a tightrope. At Zivver, we want to stop them falling into the chasm.

In a post-Covid-19 era, remote working is the norm. Security leaders of financial services companies must ensure >1,000s of employees are keeping cyber-safe, no matter where they are. With 93% of businesses sending more emails now than before the pandemic, it’s all too easy for mistakes to slip through the cracks.

Your bird’s eye view of email security: Zivver

You need an eye in the sky, a watchful guardian over all outbound email communications and confidential conversations. Whether branch and office based or remote, your employees need the ability to communicate safely, from anywhere. 

Zivver’s smart technology helps employees spot mistakes before they hit send and recall their communications if required, while two-factor authentication makes sure your email gets to its destination safely and securely. 

Zivver offer an integrated email security platform that helps you safeguard sensitive information, minimise human error and prevent data leaks. Zivver’s highly encrypted solution will help your business send emails safely, keep meetings confidential, guard your communication channels and share files securely in accordance with GDPR regulations. 

Our detailed dashboard gives security professionals a bird’s-eye view of the main causes and impacts that data breaches can have on their business. 

But why is our platform necessary?

Keeping up with regulations

Over the past five years, the cost of data breaches has risen to a global average of £3.2m. But there’s another factor to consider: failing to adapt could land businesses in hot water, as GDPR non-compliance can result in sky-high penalties (as much as 4% of annual global turnover). Unfortunately, some businesses have rushed to change, leaving them with security platforms that sacrifice usability for security. 

A bird’s eye view isn’t just helpful for protecting emails in real time, Zivver looks at how data protection guidelines are set to change in the future, ensuring clients remain compliant with GDPR and ISO 27001 regulations. 

You need a service that has your back. A companion looking over your shoulder. A 360-degree approach to cybersecurity that doesn’t skimp on the details. You need a secure, easy-to-use integrated platform that controls risk, minimises mistakes made by human error and safeguards sensitive information. In short, you need Zivver.

Security and usability 

At Zivver, we believe email security and usability should go hand in hand. What good is a cybersecurity solution if it takes months to onboard or integrate into your current systems and requires intensive training and/or education? 

Our platform integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Gmail, as well as Office365 and is ready to use from day dot, from any device or anywhere, allowing your business to keep doing its thing, securely – without unnecessary disruption. 

And we’ve got the pedigree to prove it: more than 4,000 companies have partnered with us to protect their reputation, boost productivity and save money with a single integrated solution. 

With a 99% renewal rate, it’s clear that our platform is striking a chord with clients who value data safety. So if you feel like your company is stuck at the crossroads when it comes to email security, schedule a free live demo, give us a call on +44 20 3285 6300 or send us an email at

Cybersecurity in the financial industry is not a technology problem. It’s a people problem. With Zivver, you can set your employees on a safer path, click here to learn more.


*The HelpSystems report – ‘Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Services’ 2 Outbound Email Security Report 2020

Written by

Kate O'Neill

Originally published on April 19, 2021

Last update on April 19, 2021