Zivver is the only tool you need to secure outbound email

Get a bird’s eye view of your organisation’s email security and prevent costly data leaks once and for all.

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Cybersecurity in the financial services industry is not so much a technology problem. It’s mainly a people problem.
With Zivver, you can set your employees on a safer path and secure your organisation once and for all.


Zivver is an easy-to-use platform designed to tackle the root cause of data leaks and fortify the frontline of your organisation – outbound digital communications sent by your employees…

Now’s the time to enable your employees with an enhanced email data protection solution that’s secure and simple to use. With a 99% renewal rate from over 4,000 companies, it’s clear that our platform is striking a chord with clients who need data safety.


Simple to integrate into your existing email client


Helps prevent data leaks and data breach fines



Can be used from anywhere, on any device


Provides effective data and privacy protection


ISO27001 and GDPR compliant


Trusted by 4,000+ companies

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Financial services organisations need a secure platform that gets to work from day one.

Works seamlessly with Outlook and Gmail

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"Zivver saves 10 minutes per sent offer instead of using the postal services. And with our daily offer rate, we save hours each day!"

Paratus - Foundation Home Loans


Designed to secure communications in the financial services industry.

Email was not built with security in mind and traditional email security tools are not fit for purpose:
icon-7They do not provide safe and secure digital communications
icon-7They are difficult to deploy and even harder to use
icon-7They are not designed for the modern, remote workforce

“For a technology that is very complex, Zivver has
made the user experience incredibly simple.”



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