Meet the team
FOR WEBSITE-Dec-06-2021-09-52-31-73-AM Wouter Klinkhamer - Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
For website-Dec-06-2021-09-52-59-82-AM Rick Goud - Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder
For website-Dec-06-2021-10-01-47-60-AM Adnan Erriade - Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
For website - please crop in-1 Robert Fleming - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
For website-Dec-06-2021-10-01-06-49-AM Adam Low - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
FOR WEBSITE-Dec-06-2021-09-54-08-98-AM Wisse Bakker - Chief People Officer
For website-Dec-06-2021-10-02-52-33-AM Lydia van de Voort - Chief of Staff
For website-Dec-06-2021-10-04-16-54-AM Reinout Bautz - General Counsel
Untitled-1 Ronald Salters - Senior Vice-President Customer Success & Services
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