Secure File Transfer

Share files securely directly from your Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail.
The service can be used to transfer any type of file up to 5TB, from anywhere.

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Every company needs a secure file transfer solution

Did you know that most data leaks are actually mistakes by employees, such as sharing a file with the wrong person? Companies that concentrate their security efforts on external threats could be putting themselves at risk of data breaches from the inside. 

Zivver safeguards sensitive data, while facilitating compliance with regulations such as the GDPR or CCPA. Users receive real-time awareness training when sending files, emails or chats, which enables them to catch mistakes before sending.

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Regular email isn’t safe for
transferring files

Share any type of file up to 5TB securely with Zivver’s easy-to-use file transfer solution and make file size limitations a thing of the past.

The service conveniently integrates with Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail and can be used from anywhere and on any device. This means you don’t have to switch to a less secure solution when sending large files, and your sensitive data remains protected.


How Zivver safeguards sensitive files


  • duringsending-01 Secure in transit

    All files you share with Zivver are sent using Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections and further protected by asymmetric encryption. Strong user authentication with 2FA provides ultimate protection to ensure only intended recipients have access. Plus with zero-knowledge encryption, even Zivver can’t view the content you send.

  • recall-icon-01 Recall if needed

    Stay in control after files have been sent. Have you sent the wrong file? Or to the wrong recipient? Then simply recall your message to prevent a potential data leak. Comprehensive audit and communication logs provide additional insights.


"Our organization shares both medical and administrative files containing sensitive data via Zivver. This enables our hospital to send this information in a safe and compliant way."

Reinhart Maertens, CIO at Antwerp University Hospital

Safe Document Sharing

Secure File Transfer Benefits


Prevent Human Errors

Zivver alerts you in real-time before you send a file containing sensitive information. By showing the alert on the screen immediately, Zivver raises the information security awareness within your organization.


Safe document sharing

Only the sender and the intended recipient(s) gain access to a message. Automatic TLS secure connections, zero-knowledge encryption, and additional authentication keep hackers and unauthorized people out.


Easy-to-use file transfer solution

One of the biggest challenges organizations face when introducing new tools is modifying people’s work habits. Zivver comfortably blends with existing ways of working. Simply add Zivver to your email workflow and send communications as you normally would.


Convenient for recipients

Anyone can receive, reply to, and download secure messages and attachments, even without a personal account. A notification is sent via email, directing the recipient to the secure guest environment. Increase the recognizability of these messages by adding your company logo and branding.


Simple onboarding

All it takes is a one-off, limited time investment of your IT department, and then your employees will work with a simple single sign-on solution. This way your employees are immediately logged into Zivver when they log in at their workstation.


Compliant with laws and regulation

Zivver is your future proof solution to prevent data breaches and be GDPR compliant. Proactive notifications and alerts create awareness about privacy-sensitive information. Zivver also provides extensive audit and communication logs per user.

Safeguarding data also applies to secure file transfer solutions!

Zivver was recently identified as one of five representative vendors in the‘Email Data Protection Specialists’ category in Gartner’s ‘2020 Market Guide for Email Security’

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