Privacy statement

Privacy guaranteed

Version 1.8, 4 October 2017

Via the Services of ZIVVER, situated in Amsterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 62937057, which offers you the possibility to safely and easily send information, personal information or personal data is processed. In collaboration with ZIVVER, the organisation you work at offers you the possibility to make use of ZIVVER’s Services. Of course, it is also possible to receive the Service from ZIVVER directly.

ZIVVER (and if applicable: your organisation) deems careful handling of personal data to be paramount. Personal data is carefully processed and secured. When processing, we adhere to the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection Act.

In this privacy statement, we explain which personal data we collect and use and for what purpose. We advise you to carefully read this privacy statement. For the definition of words written with a capital letter, please refer to ZIVVER’s General Terms & Conditions. Please note that other General Terms & Conditions are applicable to consumers than to business users.

This privacy statement was last altered on 4 October 2017.

Purposes of processing

Personal data is generally processed by ZIVVER for the following purposes:

  • Logging in and verifying/authenticating users of the Service;
  • Sending and delivering messages via the Service;
  • Communication between ZIVVER and the users;
  • Monitoring and auditing the Service;
  • Analysing statistics and optimising the Service.

Use of personal data

By using our service, you store certain data with us. These could be Personal Data. We exclusively save and use the Personal Data that is directly provided by you, or your organisation, or of which it is clear that it has been provided to us for processing. ZIVVER will not use your Personal Data for other purposes than for which you, or your organisation, have given us permission beforehand.

In order to gain access to and make use of our Service, it is necessary to have a personal account. The data we process for this is provided by you or your organisation. When using our Service, we ask you for, and we collect, the following data (depending on the data you fill in on your account):

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Profile picture
  • Telephone number
  • IP address
  • User name
  • Payment information
  • Account ID
  • Geolocation

The data above is used for the following purposes:

  • Logging into and making use of the Service by users;
  • Verifying and authenticating users;
  • Monitoring and auditing the Service.

The data above is kept as long as necessary to make use of the Service and/or to meet the legal requirements. If the agreement between you, or your organisation, and ZIVVER ends for any reason whatsoever, your data is removed or at least disconnected. The same is true when you, or your organisation, indicate that the account should be removed.

Provision to third parties

We will not provide the data you have provided to other parties if you have not given us permission to do so, unless this is necessary within the framework of the execution of the agreement you, or your organisation, have taken out with us or if this is legally obligated.


For the functioning of the web application, it is necessary that ZIVVER makes use of cookies. The cookies are saved for the duration of the (browser) session.

Via our Service, user data is kept for making statistical analyses with regard to the platform. These statistics are used to optimise the Service. Wherever possible, we make this data anonymous. Specifically for Google Analytics, we do not allow Google to share the gathered data with other services, the IP addresses are (partly) made anonymous and we have taken out a processing agreement with Google.

Additionally, when you use our service, your IP address is automatically saved in the log files of our web server. This is necessary to allow us to properly manage and secure the Service. We do not use your IP address to follow and register your behaviour online. Normally, we are not able to link your IP address to your name, address or other identifying information, except when you actively provide us with such information and continue to make use of the same IP address. 

On our website we use a tracking cookie. This cookie is placed in the browser. We don’t store any personal information without your consent, but track what you find interesting. This way we can provide you with relevant information. You can always refuse the cookie. In that case, we use a little cookie so we don’t have to ask this again. For more information about the cookies please visit this page.


We take security measures in order to limit misuse of and unauthorised access to personal data. In particular, we take the following measures:

  • Logical access control, use of passwords and possibly a second factor;
  • Encryption of data;
  • Securing data during the exchange of it, making use of the HTTPS protocol;
  • Purpose-bound access limitations;
  • Control of acknowledged authorisations.

Third party websites

This statement does not apply to third party websites that are visited from our Service through links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data safely and reliably. We advise you to read the privacy statements of these websites before making use of these websites.


We offer a newsletter with which we inform interested parties of news in the field of data security and data leaks, our services and related matters. Your email address is only added to the list of subscribers with your explicit consent. Every newsletter contains a link with which you can unsubscribe. The subscription file of the newsletter is not provided to third parties.