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Thank you for your interest in Zivver! Watch the video below to see how Zivver can help you send secure email with unparalleled encryption.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I work with a Mac. Can I still use Zivver?

Yes, our web application works on all major browsers including Apple’s Safari. We do not yet support Outlook for Mac.

Can I use Zivver from within my regular email client (such as Microsoft Outlook)?

Our Professional and Ultimate plans offer the option to use Zivver directly from within Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Gmail (if you have a Google Workspace account). You can toggle Zivver on or off for every email, so it’s still your choice which emails you want to send securely.

Are there any setup costs?

Up to 50 users we don’t charge any additional setup costs. We’ve designed Zivver in such a way that you can easily get started yourself. Do you have a bigger company with a more complex IT environment? Talk to us about implementation support!

Can I send secure emails to people who do not have Zivver?

Yes. Anybody can receive a secure Zivver message. They do not need to create a Zivver account to open the message.

I want to add more team members to Zivver. Can I purchase additional licenses?

Yes! You can add additional licenses to your Zivver account at any time after the initial purchase. Send us an email at and we’ll help you out.

Is there a limit to the number of secure emails I can send?

No. You can send as many secure emails as you want.

Can I change my plan later?

You can upgrade your plan at any time directly from within your Zivver account. If you’d like to downgrade to a lower plan, you can do so at the end of the term of your subscription.

Are secure emails sent via Zivver easy to open for people?

The vast majority of people report to us they find secure emails easy to open. We offer different options to open a secure message to cover any situation (SMS codes, manual codes, email verification). You don’t need a Zivver account to open a secure email either.

Can I also use Zivver on my mobile phone?

Yes. All our plans include the use of our Zivver mobile app for both Android as well as iOS devices.

What payment methods do you support?

For Dutch customers, we offer both direct debit and credit card payment options. For our UK and US customers, we currently support credit card payments.