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Healthcare staff should be able to safely share privacy-sensitive information digitally with patients, colleagues and external partners. With Zivver, they can. The solution replaces clunky portals by integrating with existing healthcare systems. This makes it simple for anyone to use.

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Digital Transformation: reduce dependencies on older technology

Zivver enables healthcare organizations to build a solid foundation for their digital transformation efforts. Phase out older tech such as the fax machine or the reliance on user portals, and instead communicate with patients and partners securely with tools they already use, email!

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Send information securely from A to B faster

Healthcare organizations strike a balance between security and usability with their digital communications when using Zivver. Sensitive data can be easily sent without people having to login to other portals or establish cumbersome privacy agreements. The service can be used from anywhere and from any device.

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Share large files such as X-rays securely from Outlook and Office 365

Share any type of file up to 5 TB (5,000 GB) securely from an existing email client such as Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail. Healthcare staff can safely send an X-ray or a complete patient file using Zivver Mail in a secure and compliant way. And if they need to recall an email sent in error, that’s possible to do as well.

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Transform patient care in a compliant way

Zivver replaces clumsy, low-adoption portals, the old-fashioned fax machine and integrates with the most widely used systems in healthcare such as the (H)-EPD. More importantly, with Zivver Mail, organizations save time and costs, which benefits the actual delivery of health care to patients.


Error-Prevention Technology

Smart alerts prevent accidental data leaks before communications are sent


Two-Factor Authentication

Strong authentication with several 2FA options protects against unauthorized access


Seamless Integrations

Use Zivver with Outlook, Chipsoft HiX and many other systems used in the healthcare sector

See why these healthcare organizations use Zivver

“Zivver has really helped us to avoid any confidentiality breaches by offering a safe way for our employees to send sensitive patient information via email.”

Fetal Medicine Centre

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Bergman Clinincs

Safeguard patient privacy with enhanced email protection
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University Hospital Antwerp (UZA)

Facilitate digitization within the organization
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Youth Protection Overijssel

A secure communication solution that's easy to use
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Secure and compliant digital transformation in healthcare via integrations and advanced technology


Innovation in healthcare is complicated

But there are things you can do today to make life easier. With Zivver, secure digital communication and compliance can be simplified.

  • Compliance Data compliance in healthcare: GDPR, NTA 7516, HIPAA

    Helping people in the 21st century involves a lot of data processing, and this is increasing all the time. Personal data, medical information, payment details, and so on. The healthcare sector must deal with many data regulations to protect the privacy of individuals.

    Zivver helps healthcare organizations to communicate in accordance with the GDPR. Zivver also facilitates compliance with other healthcare privacy standards such as the NTA 7516 in The Netherlands.

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  • after-sending-01 Software that helps healthcare organizations communicate securely

    Healthcare institutions process a lot of privacy-sensitive data and employees often work long and irregular hours. A mistake can be easily made when handling this information, and it can be costly. Zivver helps staff avoid common mistakes such as emailing the wrong person, or attaching an incorrect file, using error-prevention technology. This technology enables people to catch mistakes in their communication via smart alerts in real time. This way, potential data breaches can be prevented and sensitive data can remain properly safeguarded at all times.

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  • integration-icon Integrations for secure communication

    Zivver integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail and can even be linked with Electronic Patient Records (EHR). Provide doctors, specialists, as well as the receptionist with a secure communication tool that’s easy for anyone to use with minimal training.

    Integrations available include: Outlook, Gmail, Chipsoft HiX, Obasi, Novadent, Oase

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