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Zivver adds a security layer to your existing email such as Outlook, O365 or Gmail, plus other systems like Salesforce. This provides enhanced DLP with an integrated tool your staff will want to use.

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Why do financial services use Zivver?

The top cause of data breaches in financial services is accidental data leaks from staff. Enhance your firm’s data security with the only DLP tool needed to secure outbound email and prevent data leaks via real time alerts. Plus, if a mistake has been made, users can recall an email, helping to avoid a potential data leak.

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Compliance with ISO 27001

Achieving ISO 27001 certification is fast becoming a global standard, including in the financial sector.

Zivver’s secure communication solution helps financial institutions with their ISO 27001 compliance.

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How Zivver helps you comply
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Reputation Management

Data leaks in the financial sector do more than make headlines, they can cause lasting reputational damage and stock prices to tumble. They can even cost senior management their jobs.

Zivver’s secure email solution gives your staff the only tool they need to catch mistakes while they work and prevent data leaks.

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Save costs and work more effectively

User-friendly and cost-effective, Zivver reduces reliance on outdated systems, portals, and processes, such as post, fax and couriers.

Unlike with most email, when using Zivver users can immediately recall an email with ease if a mistake has been made, preventing potential data leaks. And, if the recipient has not yet opened the email, the leak does not have to be reported to the ICO or other national data protection authorities.



Error-Prevention Technology

Smart alerts prevent accidental data leaks before staff send communications


Two-Factor Authentication

Strong authentication with several 2FA options protects against unauthorized access


Seamless Integrations

Use Zivver with Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce and many other systems used in the financial sector

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“Zivver saves 10 minutes per sent offer instead of using the postal services. And with our daily offer rate, we save hours each day!”

Paratus (Foundation Home Loans)

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Secure and compliant digital transformation in the financial sector via integrations and advanced technology

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The financial sector must be on top of data protection

Even with a highly regulated industry, security vulnerabilities can appear and put sensitive data and your firm’s reputation at risk. With Zivver, email data protection and digital communication compliance is simplified.

  • code-01 Minimize legacy systems and save on costs

    With Zivver, financial firms can accelerate their digital transformation strategy in a safe and compliant way. Phase out the need to use expensive couriers or send letter mail, and communicate with clients and other contacts securely via email, saving time and costs.

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  • during-sending-01 Send information securely and faster

    Financial organizations can strike a balance between robust data security and ease of use. Sensitive data can be easily sent from A to B using your firm’s regular email. Zivver’s security and privacy layer integrates seamlessly with existing systems so there’s no need for staff to change workflows.

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  • paperclip-01 Share large files securely from Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail

    Send any type of file of up to 5 TB (5,000 GB) securely from your firm’s email client such as Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail, from anywhere and on any device. No need to switch programs or rely on expensive couriers to send information securely, which can increase the risk of accidental exposure to an unintended recipient. And if someone needs to recall an email sent in error, they can!

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