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Alongside GDPR compliance (and similar laws like CCPA and DPA), Zivver helps organizations comply with evolving data protection regulations worldwide, while also raising security awareness for your staff in real time: a winning combination.


Some regulations and standards we help you to comply with

Meet regulatory compliance

Many organizations view staff as a big risk to data security. But at Zivver, we see this differently. Your employees are the frontline when it comes to preventing data leaks and ensuring effective digital security, and they can be empowered with the right tools.

How Zivver helps with data compliance


Changing Regulations

Zivver stays on top of evolving data privacy laws to provide a future proof solution


Security Awareness

Smart technology supports better decision-making when handling sensitive data


Comprehensive Logging

Valuable insights and reporting tools help manage breaches with authorities

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The importance of compliance

While organizations are exchanging more information and files digitally, there are also rules and regulations on data privacy emerging all the time to comply with. Think of the EU GDPR, UK GDPR (DPA), CCPA in California, LGPD in Brazil, CPPA in Canada or NTA 7516 in the Netherlands. 

In many cases, new measures are needed to become compliant. Zivver provides organizations with the right tools to successfully meet regulatory requirements, which is crucial to help avoid costly data leaks and related fines. If a mistake has been made, extensive logging and reports help you manage data leaks with the respective authorities. 

See why our clients use Zivver

“Zivver has really helped our company avoid any confidentiality breaches by offering a safe way for staff to send sensitive information via email.”

Fetal Medicine Centre

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AT Osborne

AT Osborne Consultancy

"You can't afford to handle sensitive data in an unsafe way"
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Municipality of Lochem

"We needed to enhance our email security after a cyber attack"
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Buurtzorg Healthcare

"We now send communications securely when using Gmail"
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