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Webinar | How to improve email security across your organization: Advice from security experts

Regulatory reforms, digital transformation, hybrid working... The business landscape continues to evolve and the need for secure and compliant digital communications solutions is higher than ever. The current state of communications security cannot keep pace.

We invited a panel of industry leaders, security experts and end-users to discuss the impact and value of innovative email security solutions that empower secure work with maximum effectiveness and minimal disruption, and investigated:

  • The security gaps in email security
  • The leading cause of data incidents

  • How to enable employees to avoid the small mistakes with the biggest consequences

Watch the on-demand webinar:


Gain an overview of actionable insights on how to enable your employees to secure digital communications and mitigate the risk of data leaks, and learn how your organization can embed security into everyday workflows to empower effective working with minimal disruption.

Panel guests include:

  • Stephen Khan: Global Head of Tech & Cyber Security Risk (former security exec HSBC)
  • Vinood Mangroelal: Executive Vice President, KPN Health
  • Brenno de Winter: Chief Security and Privacy Operations, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport Netherlands
  • Sarah Judge: Digital operational lead & CCIO, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
  • Wouter Klinkhamer: CEO and Co-founder, Zivver
  • Robert Fleming: CMO, Zivver
  • Kelly Hall: VP, Corporate Communications & Campaigns, Zivver
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Last updated - 03/08/23
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