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Four reasons to choose Zivver to secure your digital communications

From healthcare to education to financial services, across every sector we hear digital security leaders sharing the same challenges when it comes to securing employee emails and preventing data leaks.

If your security solution is complicating things for recipients or disappointing your data protection team - or perhaps you’re seeking a solution to enhance your email client for the first time - here are four reasons to choose Zivver.

1. Make engaging with your organization easy for recipients

This is particularly relevant to the healthcare and public sector, but remains important for every industry. 

The last thing your recipients need is the complication of having to create accounts to access a simple email, or having to navigate a portal to log into their account for future communications.

Security is important but so is ease-of-use.

With Zivver, recipients aren’t required to create accounts to access secure communications. Instead, employees can utilize multi-factor authentication to protect emails and attachments, with access codes sent via SMS or pre-agreed with recipients in advance. This means it takes seconds for recipients to access your communication.

Plus, with expiration and email recall functionality, employees can maintain full control over communications after sending - everyone’s a winner.

“Not only do our employees love Zivver, but we’ve had great feedback from patients, too. These are people who had previous experience with our old solution; they were keen to share that they much prefer Zivver due to how much simpler it is to use.” - Sarah Judge, Digital operational lead & CCIO, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

2. Email securely from shared mailboxes 

We see some organizations struggling to email securely from shared mailboxes because their email security providers require them to log in separately to send and receive secure emails, which is neither user-friendly or smart. We make managing multiple mailboxes quick and easy. When you log into Zivver with your own account, you are automatically logged into the shared mailboxes you manage.

3. Make acting securely effortless for everyone

When security best practice is simple, employees will behave securely. It’s no surprise. 

However, for many organizations, their email security solution requires hours of training. In some instances, security functionality doesn't align with existing workflows, resulting in poor user adoption.

Recalling emails, applying encryption, acting on potential security hazards - we make behaving securely, easy. This means you don’t need to set aside time for employees to learn how to use Zivver. Our solution integrates seamlessly with email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Office 365) and operates silently in the background, only intervening to alert users to the presence of sensitive data or potential errors in the body or attachments of emails. 

With one click, employees can apply advanced encryption and take action to prevent data leaks. 

Simply put, employees like Zivver because it makes doing the right thing easy. We call it effortless, smart security.

“We’ve used it so much more than any other tools available to us, including our historical digital communications solution. This is, in fact, one of the reasons we chose to replace the old platform with Zivver; uptake across the trust of the old platform was very low. With Zivver, uptake is considerably higher - it has skyrocketed. I think it has exceeded our expectations - and that’s because it’s so simple to use.” - Sarah Judge, Digital operational lead & CCIO, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

4. Simplify compliance with data logs

In the instance of a near-miss or even a data leak, with Zivver, security leaders have access to data logs providing all of the detail they require to gauge the impact of an incident. This data simplifies reporting to auditors when necessary, too, and supports compliance with data protection legislation, including the GDPR.

This is functionality often lacking in other email security solutions, but is absolutely essential for businesses today.

Ready to learn more? See Zivver in action or drop us a line so we can get in touch with more information on how Zivver can support digital communications security at your organization. 

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Last updated - 08/11/22
4 reasons to choose Zivver
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