Announcement | Care group Elde Maasduinen switch to Zivver to protect sensitive data in email

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Care group Elde Maasduinen has chosen Zivver as their new secure email solution to empower employees and clients to prevent data leaks and cyber attacks. 

Both employees and recipients reported that the group’s old solution failed to deliver a user-friendly and often didn’t function as needed. After researching alternatives, Zivver stood out for its effortless user-experience, as well as meeting the group’s digital security needs.  

Giovanni van Keulen, ICT team coach at Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen, explained: "When we implemented our original solution a year and a half ago, the supplier assured us that it would enable employees to email securely through seamless integration with Microsoft365, without a plugin for Outlook, namely through a relay. Unfortunately, this did not work as expected in practice. As a result, the solution was hardly used by our employees. The supplier promised improved functionality several times, but improvements never materialized. Despite the fact that we still had a multi-year agreement with our old supplier, we needed a security solution we could rely on. As such, we looked for an alternative solution. We are pleased that, with Zivver, we have now found a truly secure and user-friendly alternative."

Rick Goud, CIO of Zivver, is pleased that Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen has found in Zivver a solution which empowers their employees to protect sensitive data: "We are proud that Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen has chosen Zivver and we look forward to a successful collaboration. Unfortunately, we understand that simple relay solutions often promise the world but fail to deliver in practice, often resulting in a poor user-experience, incorrect security of information, failure to prevent data leaks and, ultimately, low uptake.” 

“At Zivver, we prioritize both user-experience and digital security in equal measure and we are proud to be able to support organizations such as Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen in this."

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Last updated - 07/06/23
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