What makes ZIVVER unique

Compared to all existing solutions, ZIVVER’s foundation is truly unique: security, user-friendliness and control are all just as important. When sending privacy-sensitive information with ZIVVER, you prevent human error, you make sure that no one – including hackers – can read your message, you can recall messages and mistakes are reported. That means you’ve got control, before, during and after sharing the information. We call that Triple Safe.

Our mission and vision

Our mission: “To make secure communication simple”. Our customers have three needs: preventing data leaks, ease of use and control. ZIVVER was created with the vision to fulfil those needs with the best product in the market in all dimensions. And that’s exactly what we do. With ZIVVER, you can continue using Outlook and work on every device. And what makes ZIVVER’s data leak protection truly unique is that it prevents human error. After all, that is most often the cause of data leaks. By anticipating these errors, and giving organizations insight into how their privacy-sensitive information is shared, we offer a practical tool that prevents data leaks and manages risks.

The team

We are curious and ambitious. We embrace technology, particularly when it can contribute to our life. We exclusively make decisions on the basis of facts and our mission. From various backgrounds and varying disciplines, we work towards one joint goal: to make secure communication simple.

Alwin Schoemaker

Head of Product & Co-founder

Alwin has a lot of experience with developing good web-products. Before he started at ZIVVER, he worked at Distimo (later App Annie). His primary task was to develop the product Distimo Analytics App. Furthermore, Alwin has a lot of experience in the field of high-traffic websites as Lead Developer at NOS, where he was responsible for the technology behind www.nos.nl and the NOS mobile app.

Claar Meerstadt

Intern Market Research

Claar studied International Relations and Organizations in Groningen. During her studies she took a minor at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. After her studies she advised different organizations on the topics strategy, policy and internationalization. Those three come together during her research for ZIVVER about opportunities for expansion in Europe. In her free time Claar loves ice skating in Amsterdam or cooking for her roommates.

Christiaan Vrij

Solutions Expert

Christiaan studied Business Administration. After several years of experience in the commercial sector, he turned back to school. With his degree in Management in healthcare, he started a new career. Within the healthcare sector he focused among other things on digitilization. At ZIVVER he combines his customer focus, love for healthcare and IT. In his spare time he enjoys his three children.

Erhan Aydogmus

Attorney at law

After his bachelor of law at the University of Groningen, Erhan began to his master "Corporate and Commercial Law" at Maastricht University. Then he decided to swap the southern city for the canals of Amsterdam and work as a lawyer at Blauw Tekstra Uding Advocaten. Erhan is engaged in corporate law and intellectual property law. Partly because of his expertise in the field of privacy and data protection, he is responsible for all Legal Affairs of ZIVVER. In his spare time, Erhan meets up with his friends in Amsterdam, enjoys surfing or you can find him behind the punching bag.

Eva Malten

Communications Expert

Eva studied Dutch language and literature in Utrecht, her favorite city. She became a communications officer and worked for several publishing companies and the public library. She has a passion for reading and writing and specializes in getting a clear message across through compact texts. The energy and enthusiasm is what she likes best about the ZIVVER team. In her spare time Eva enjoys city life with her family and baking cakes.

Francis Mustert

Marketing Expert

Francis studied Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. After her internship at Vodafone she got the hang of it and started her Master of Corporate Communication. During her studies she was brought in as a Recruiter at Randstad. After graduation, she returned to marketing in the SME business. Here, she managed all facets off the marketing and communication. She thinks the entrepreneurial drive at ZIVVER is contagious. The (online) world never stops and each day offers new angles and chances. She gets energy from making the most of opportunities. In her spare time she likes to play volleyball, but also enjoys meeting up after the game. In addition, she makes at least one big trip a year. And as far as possible of course…

Frank Horenberg

Junior Business Consultant

Frank started at ZIVVER as an intern during his study Medical Informatics. With his background and practical attitude the Business team was a perfect fit. Frank gets enthusiastic of the dynamics within the company. Not one day is the same. In addition, he can contribute to the development of the company. He supports Sales and Implementation and is looking for ways to further optimize processes. In his spare time he is a volunteer.

Geert van Deth

Senior Business Consultant

Geert has not one, but two Master titles. He successfully completed the studies of Management Consulting and Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After his studies he dove into the corporate business where he worked on business optimization, processes and systems. From the financial sector he made the move to ZIVVER in 2016. At ZIVVER he helps the company professionalize and make it ready for growth. In his spare time he likes to read a book or he goes to the gym.

Geoffrey Reemer

Solutions Expert

Since his second birthday Geoffrey was already behind the computer. This is not only his passion, he also focuses on the person behind the technique. It is easy to spot his diversity by looking at his background. There you will find an Engineer degree but also specialization courses for programming, Web Analytics and many other disciplines. Diversity is also key in Geoffreys career. He started at a Publisher and then back to an old love. With a private digital portal and various assignments as a Web Developer and internet marketer, he is back behind the computer. At ZIVVER Geoffrey helps the user with the technical solution. Looking at the problem of the customer, figuring out the solution and improve the product. That is what he wanted to do. In his spare time he makes online videos on his own YouTube channel. When the sun starts to shine he volunteers often at a vacation camp for kids.

Harris Zois

Front-end Developer

Harris originally comes from Greece and studied Electrical and Computer Engineering. His former professor suggested that he moved to The Netherlands to start his Master Computer Science. After his studies he worked 8 years in publishing as a Full-stack Software Developer. He was ready for a new challenge and found it at ZIVVER. Here he switched to Front-end Developer and strengthens the team with his skills. You can find Harris in the water in his spare time. Kite surfing, wakeboarding, as long as there are wild waves involved he’s in. If there is any time left, Harris goes for a run.

Jeroen Diederix

Senior Software Engineer

We're currently translating the intro's of our staff. Coming soon!

Kay Kreuning

Back-end Developer

Kay is a Developer in heart and soul. He obtained multiple certificates in the field and has made his mark. He started as a Flash Developer, but he expanded his skillset with Scala. He chose ZIVVER because of the state of the art software development. At the office he sits a lot and therefore he goes outside in his spare time. Then he helps the local scouting association with activities.

Lukas Valkenburg

Manager New Business

Lukas studied Public Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He made his mark in the business in the areas of project management and business development. He previously worked for the daughter company of Gupta Strategists. Here he met Rick Goud. When he was asked to build at the foundations of ZIVVER, he didn’t think twice. Lukas had a lot of confidence in ZIVVER from the start and gets a lot of energy from starting new contacts and connecting people. In honor of his southern reputation, Lukas likes good company. Especially when this is combined with soccer.

Maarten Nagelkerke

Project Lead Implementations

Maarten studied Health Sciences, Policy and Management in Maastricht. After that, he went to work in the healthcare sector. His career centres around IT, projects and healthcare. At ZIVVER he is totally in his element as a project manager. He will be in daily contact with the project managers and our clients, with the aim to successfully implement secure communication. In his spare time he likes to ride his race bike through the province of Brabant. Maarten thinks everything with a screen and buttons is fun and listening to music is also one of his hobbies.

Mathias Bonnet

Front-end Developer

Who studies rocket science? Right, ZIVVER! Mathias studied Space Engineering for nine years. In addition, he worked a few years as a strategy consultant and worked as an entrepreneur. And all of this after his Master studies in Mathematics and Physics and a training in Space Engineering. He likes innovative atmospheres and the state-of-the-art technology. Working as a Front-End Developer at ZIVVER is exactly what he was looking for. He thinks it's nice to work with a talented team to contribute to the development of the product. Mathias likes the relaxed working environment at ZIVVER and in everyday life he finds his real relaxation in the water. He likes to go kite surfing, surfing, wake-boarding and diving.

Michael Trouw

Front-end Developer

Michael is a real go-getter. He started at intermediate community college, pulled through to higher community college and eventually earned his Master's degree. Michael studied IT Management, but could not use his creativity in this field. In the study Interactive Media he thrived. After an internship in which he had to solve a typical Artificial Intelligence (AI) problem, the Master AI quickly followed. After all that studying he worked as a Web Developer in the construction industry. There he developed two web apps, one of which was based on the same technology as ZIVVER. This company was too small for the plans of Michael so the position of Front-End Developer was right up his alley. ZIVVER makes a product he cares about and there is a lot of internal expertise. Michael likes to build something as beautiful as possible. The architecture and the skeleton of the web app should look good and the nice thing is that he can see the results immediately. Also the tooling with which he works is important. Everything should be as efficient and easy as possible. In addition to his work, he is busy with different sports. Michael 'boldert '. An extreme sport where he climbs without ropes. Also indoor rock climbing is one of his hobbies, but he also likes to go cycling and swimming. If he has time, he reads the newspaper on Saturday or he watches Netflix.

Pablo Celentano

Back-end Developer

Pablo traveled all over the world. From Thailand to Canada, he has seen it all. Eventually the Argentine settled in The Netherlands. ‘Because of the good weather’, he says. Pablo is originally a Software Engineer and was a professor at his university. He has a passion for technology and is always trying new things. In his spare time he does a lot of sightseeing or reads a good book.

Remco Mooren


Remco has a Master Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente and a minor in Architecture at the Beijing Jeatong University. Remco fulfilled multiple roles at different design bureaus and gained a lot of work experience as interface & industrial designer. At ZIVVER, he focuses on improving user experience on both the aesthetic and the functional level. It gives him great satisfaction to make something that is seen and used by many people. Only then his work has succeeded! Remco gets his inspiration from Scandinavian Design, where functionality and simplicity play a big part in the product.

Remko van der Togt

Head of Operations & Implementation

With a study in Medicine and Medical Information Science, we can say that Remko has his roots in the healthcare sector. This is underlined by his PhD research in the field of sensor technology (RFID) in the healthcare. Remko thinks it is beautiful to contribute to a solution for a problem many organizations currently face. He assists customers in implementing ZIVVER and developing new propositions. Always with a focus on the added value that ZIVVER can create for an organization and of course the end user. He sees an opportunity in contributing to the solution of a social problem: the security of our privacy. If you walk around the Dutch dunes, you might see Remko on his mountain bike.

Rick Goud

Director & Co-founder

Rick has over 6 years of experience in the strategy consultancy in the health care sector at Gupta Strategist. He studied Medical Information Science at the University of Amsterdam and Care Management at the Erasmus University. In addition, he has a PhD in Medicine at the University of Amsterdam on the development, implementation and evaluation of decision support systems in healthcare. During his studies, Rick has worked a number of years as a programmer. The idea behind ZIVVER developed during his work as a strategy consultant. Everywhere he went, a lot of people worked with sensitive data such as patient data, price agreements, market performance, contracts, etc. Almost every customer had questions about data safety. He saw that people made regular use of solutions that were unsafe and uncontrollable. There was a clear need for a solution like ZIVVER!

Robin Ottenhof

Solutions Expert

With a background in Medical Information Science and Robin’s work experience as implementation consultant for different electronic patient records systems in hospitals the switch to ZIVVER was a logical step. He felt immediately enthusiastic to work on a new product, with all the opportunities and challenges that go with them. As a Solutions Expert Robin is the bridge between the development and implementation of the ZIVVER product. A perfect product and a flawless implementation process is what makes Robin happy. Of course there is always still much to be learned, so he learns a lot from developing software in practice. In addition, you can always ask Robin about the latest food hotspots in Amsterdam.

Sarea Alkebaly

Front-end Developer

Sarea studied in Damascus and worked for various Amsterdam companies. For him full-stack development has no secrets. Sarea has extensive experience in the development of web-apps. In his spare time he likes to go out to make photographs. He also likes to read a book or watch a movie.

Saskia Faber

Head of Customer Success

Saskia is born and raised in Rotterdam. She studied Health Care Policy and Management at the Erasmus University. During her studies she followed her internship at a health insurance organization. After 11 years she signed of as Head of Health Procurement. A management position at a healthcare facility would be a logical career move, but Saskia had other plans. She wanted something else. She was ready for a new organization where she can learn new skills and develop existing ones. Working together towards improvement, that is what she saw in the function Head of Customer Success. A new role in which she made a leap of faith. A young company brings her the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset what she was looking for. Everything is possible and there are no barriers. In her spare time she likes to go diving or goes kickboxing. Indoors she likes to read a good book or has fun with friends.

Stef Mooij

Junior Business Consultant

Stef is originally a physical therapist, but soon discovered that he wanted to combine IT with care. This is why he wanted to study medical information science. Within ZIVVER he sees the challenge to improve the healthcare sector through software. He likes to help customers if they and explain what value ZIVVER has for the organization. In his spare time Stef likes to go to the gym.

Thijs Visser

Director Sales

Thijs has studied, in addition to a Bachelor's and Master's degree, at the IMD Business School in Singapore. With Thijs the sales team has a leader with extensive experience in Software-as-a-Service. He specializes in secure cloud-based solutions and can therefore directly respond to the wishes and expectations of our customers. He is regularly present at events to inform you of our effective preventing data leaks.

Tom Kuiten

Manager New Business

Tom studied Medical Science in Maastricht, but soon discovered that he wanted to develop his commercial qualities further. He started as a trainee with Johnson & Johnson and promoted to Sales Consultant of orthopedic products. At ZIVVER he finds the entrepreneurship where he was looking for. As a brand new dad he enjoys the company of his daughter or you can find him at his bike.

Tom Vreeswijk

Solutions Expert

After his study Software Engineering Tom started as an intern at ZIVVER. In his current function he can connect the dots between the human side of the product and the technical elements. Together with the rest of the team he listens to the customer and makes sure that with every innovation the product ends up working perfectly. In his spare time he likes a challenge as well. Then he teams up with his game console or he goes to the gym.

Vangelis Kostas

Back-en Developer

Vangelis studied in Athens and Nijmegen. He specializes in Java and last year completed his second master's degree program (Artificial Intelligence). He sees programming as a big puzzle and art to solve it in the right way. In his spare time you can find Vangelis on the bike or in the water.

Vincent van Donselaar

Head of Technology & Co-founder

Vincent has years of experience with programming solutions to complex problems. With a background in Natural Science and Computer Science at the University of Twente his expertise lies with database systems and automated development processes. His interest in these areas of expertise is reflected in his previous work. He had several jobs as a developer and consultant. Before ZIVVER, he worked as a Senior Backed Engineer at Distimo (later App Annie). Here he programmed in Java and worked on automated retrieval of data in different appstores.

Wouter Klinkhamer


Wouter joined Gupta Strategist form the start in 2005. In ten years Gupta grew from a niche player with 5 consultants to the market leader in strategic advice in the healthcare sector. He began his time at Gupta as strategist and left as a partner. Wouter is involved with ZIVVER from the first moment Rick played with the idea to create a solution for secure exchange of sensitive information. Wouter enjoys to develop ZIVVER from a good idea to a worldwide success. His background as a business consultant and legal advisor is now of great value to further develop ZIVVER. You can bump into Wouter at the Concert hall, on a bike or walking outdoors.