Working at ZIVVER - part 5: Inclusive

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Lukas inclusive

Lukas inclusive

Lukas (Manager New Business): "As we’re growing fast, culture is the glue that holds everyone together."

ZIVVER was founded in April 2015 and I joined 3 months afterwards. Within ZIVVER I was the only one focusing full time on Sales until September 2017.  Initially,  I scouted the market for prospects and  then developed my role into selling a wonderful solution that helps thousands of users.

I compare a day working in Sales to a day with my daughter Roos. Let me explain. It's all about a personal approach. I need to keep her smiling  while still managing my  everyday tasks. Our customers want the best quality for the lowest price. It’s finding the right balance and my challenge is to create the best result.

ZIVVER gives me loads of freedom. I can improve the product and the team. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome. I do not feel limited to the job I was hired to do. Although I’m one of the people that work here the longest, I still learn every day from my colleagues from other departments such as Solutions, Implementation or Development.

I sell the product, but I get their feedback about how the product is used, how the implementation is going or which features are developed next. I always enjoy  seeing how passionate everyone is to keep the customers happy  after they sign the contract. That’s also how they help me with selling the product.

I get a great feeling from meeting new people and working with the team towards one big goal. I am a social person and always willing to help my colleagues when needed. At ZIVVER I also experience a lot of freedom and opportunities to grab responsibilities. Entrepreneurship is stimulated on every aspect in your job. We work based on trust in each other and we have a high standard of quality of the work we do.

It is nice to notice that everyone at ZIVVER has this mentality. As we’re growing fast, culture is the glue that holds everyone together.  

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Picture of Francis Mustert

Francis Mustert

Francis studeerde Communicatiewetenschap aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Na haar stage bij Vodafone kreeg ze de smaak te pakken en startte zij haar Master Corporate Communication. Daarna ging zij in MKB aan de slag waar zij zelfstandig alle facetten van de marketing en communicatie opzette. Bij ZIVVER vindt ze de gedreven ondernemendheid aanstekelijk. Het meeste energie krijgt zij van kansen signaleren en ten volste benutten. Waarom? Omdat stilstand achteruitgang betekent. In haar vrije tijd staat Francis graag op het volleybalveld, maar geniet ook van de derde helft. Daarnaast maakt ze graag één keer per jaar een mooie reis.

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