Working at ZIVVER - part 3: Great

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Geoffrey (Solutions Expert): “I enjoy inspiring others to achieve greatness as well.”

As part of the Solutions Team at ZIVVER, I make sure our customers can use our products with confidence and ease. When I applied to ZIVVER back in September 2016, I was very interested in the diversity of this job. It’s way more than ‘just’ answering support tickets. I visit clients to help them make the right technical decisions. I train both administrators and end users to use ZIVVER in their workplace. I’m not afraid to confront our developers when it means making changes to the products that will benefit our clients. Having been a teacher, caring for people and educating them is in my blood. This is what sparked my interest in ZIVVER. We really care about our customers and do everything we can to help them make the best use of our product. We help our customers implement our product, we offer webinars and support materials and we regularly call them just to see how it’s going. And yes, I love being at the forefront of it all.


The core values of ZIVVER are very visible in my job as a Solutions Expert. We are pragmatic in solving issues for our customers and often come up with creative ways to make our product work exactly like the customer desires. We are inclusive and get everyone involved in many aspects of our product. We really make an impact in how our customers experience it. But the most important core value for me is that we are great in how we treat our customers. We won’t settle for anything less than complete customer satisfaction. I personally love to make people happy and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our customers enjoying their ZIVVER experience.

In my personal life I enjoy inspiring others to achieve greatness as well. As a certified YouTube expert I’ve helped thousands of people develop their creativity and reach a wide audience with their videos. It’s very rewarding to see others succeed and to be part of that success. I’m glad that this is exactly what I do at my job as well.

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Eva Malten

Eva studeerde Nederlandse taal en cultuur in haar favoriete stad: Utrecht. Daarna ontwikkelde ze zich tot communicatiemedewerker en werkte bij diverse uitgeverijen en de Bibliotheek Utrecht. Ze houdt van lezen en schrijven en is gespecialiseerd in compacte teksten met een heldere boodschap. Ze voelt zich thuis in het energieke en enthousiaste team van ZIVVER. In haar vrije tijd gaat Eva met haar gezin op stap in Utrecht of staat ze in de keuken om een taart te bakken.

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