Working at ZIVVER - part 3: Inclusive

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Saskia (Project Lead Implementations): "I believe you build a stronger team when different personalities work together."

I’m Saskia, 35 years old and working at ZIVVER since September 2016. Before I joined ZIVVER I was the Manager of the Purchase Department at a health insurer. I was looking for a complete change to give my development a boost and that’s what I found at ZIVVER. A completely different environment (start-up instead of corporate), completely different topic (software instead of healthcare) and fresh new colleagues. A new role too: I help our customers to implement secure email in their organizations.

SaskiaEvery day I’m happy I chose to work at ZIVVER. I love the speed of everything: when we see something that can be done better, we change it the same day. We look at processes and make them leaner every day. We base our help to customers on best practices, which we share with each other every week. We work hard so that our customers can use ZIVVER in the best possible way. There are almost no procedures: you just do what’s needed. I really like this strong focus on results.

Despite the fact that I have no technical background at all, I felt very welcome and useful from the beginning at ZIVVER. And new team members almost always tell me that they feel very welcome. The secret? Everyone can be him/herself and is appreciated for their qualities and competences. Sure thing: a thick skin comes in handy at the office. We are very straightforward and sometimes even a little rude, but always with good intentions.

Last year my boyfriend and I became the happy parents of a little boy. During my pregnancy we didn’t know the gender of the baby. It really didn’t matter to us: every baby was so welcome. My life changed completely the day my son was born. I realize I will never have the same, plannable and manageable life I had before. And I like all of it and I love that boy no matter what: crying, dirty, not sleeping in the night. But most of the time he’s very happy and smiling and always making us feel like the luckiest people on earth!

The core value that fits me most is probably inclusive. I hired a lot of employees in my former job and when searching for the best candidate I’m not looking for a personal match, because I believe you build a stronger team when you work together with different personalities. You can learn so much from others! I respect someone for his or her qualities, and I’m interested in all kinds of people. A personal click is a bonus, but it’s not a must to work together.

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Picture of Eva Malten

Eva Malten

Eva studeerde Nederlandse taal en cultuur in haar favoriete stad: Utrecht. Daarna ontwikkelde ze zich tot communicatiemedewerker en werkte bij diverse uitgeverijen en de Bibliotheek Utrecht. Ze houdt van lezen en schrijven en is gespecialiseerd in compacte teksten met een heldere boodschap. Ze voelt zich thuis in het energieke en enthousiaste team van ZIVVER. In haar vrije tijd gaat Eva met haar gezin op stap in Utrecht of staat ze in de keuken om een taart te bakken.

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