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When an intern starts at ZIVVER we like to see them grow and help them find out what they would like to do after their studies.

If they are interested in working full-time at ZIVVER, and we see a match with an (open) role and their background and skills, then we love to get them on board!

Today Sasha, our Junior Designer, will share her story with us!

When and why did you join ZIVVER ?

I joined ZIVVER in October 2019 as a visual design intern. Back then it was almost a year since I moved to Amsterdam from Poland. I was finalizing my thesis in Communication design and at the same time looking for opportunities. I applied at ZIVVER and after the assignment I received an interview invitation. I'm happy it went well and then started my first design job in the Netherlands.

Wasn’t it scary to move to Amsterdam from Poland? 

No, because it was not my first experience of moving to a new country. I’m originally from Belarus and I moved to Poland right after I finished school. I spent 3 great years living and studying there. Moving to Amsterdam was exciting. I think you should never be scared of changes in your life, because it gives you a lot of new opportunities.    

And now you work full-time at ZIVVER, how did that go?

My internship lasted 6 months. During this time I worked on a variety of projects and gained some experience. I received an offer to continue to work at ZIVVER and now I'm a junior designer!

What do you like about working at ZIVVER?

A great thing about ZIVVER is that you are constantly learning something new. Thanks to ZIVVER I attended the Awwwards conference & workshop this year. It's a big event in the design industry and I'm very happy I went there. Also, we are about to start a "Marketing Book Club". The idea is to read one job related book per month and then discuss it with the team. It's vert important to me to grow and stay inspired, so it's great to work at the place which gives you this opportunity! 



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