Working at ZIVVER - part 2: Inclusive

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Wouter (Managing Director): “Every new colleague fits within the team by definition, as there is no norm.”

First and foremost, I’m a workhorse with a brain. My job title is managing director and I’m still not exactly sure what that entails. The way I fulfill this role is by thinking about where we want ZIVVER to go and what we will need in order to get there. It also includes getting the right people in place to do so, have them take ownership and challenge them on their goals and approach. Working at ZIVVER is my second career. I used to be a strategy consultant and equity partner at a healthcare strategy boutique. ZIVVER is the second company I joined in its formation stage. I thrive on the feeling of building something new and exciting. It is a fantastic and humbling experience to now have an executive rather than a consulting position.

Wouter op paginaI am very much the pragmatic type. Spot a challenge, think a little, take action and see where that gets you. I love working with our team. We are a set of very distinct and diverse people. I'm convinced that our diversity is the key to our success as a company. Rick and I decided to team up as directors because we know we are completely different yet complement each other in so many ways. We value and look for people with different cultural, social and educational backgrounds in all departments of ZIVVER. This makes our DNA complex and resilient.

When I walk through the office. When I sit down in a meeting. When I hear an idea. When we reflect on a job interview. It is in almost every single moment that I see how truly inclusive ZIVVER is and how we cherish that as a core value. Sure we all have our differences. We banter and have our fair share of discussions. However, none of our differences define us within our team. What we focus on and value is how you are unique in your take on the world, on our customers, our users, our technology, on working as a member of our team. Every new colleague fits within the team by definition, as there is no norm. We are all as different as the next guy or girl and we are well aware of this. Do you know what the most pressing concern was after a job interview for a senior position? “Isn’t this guy too similar to what we already have?”.

There is just one thing that we look for in every single person working at ZIVVER; the natural desire to set the bar high. To perform to the best of our ability and to be of real value to our customers. Our company is the place to achieve professional goals, have fun, work with wonderful people and to create services that solve real challenges. It’s a great place indeed!

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Picture of Eva Malten

Eva Malten

Eva studeerde Nederlandse taal en cultuur in haar favoriete stad: Utrecht. Daarna ontwikkelde ze zich tot communicatiemedewerker en werkte bij diverse uitgeverijen en de Bibliotheek Utrecht. Ze houdt van lezen en schrijven en is gespecialiseerd in compacte teksten met een heldere boodschap. Ze voelt zich thuis in het energieke en enthousiaste team van ZIVVER. In haar vrije tijd gaat Eva met haar gezin op stap in Utrecht of staat ze in de keuken om een taart te bakken.

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