Working at ZIVVER - part 2: Pragmatic

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Mathias (front-end developer mobile apps): “When things go wrong, I look for solutions and don't waste time complaining.”

Mathias met bakfietsI love new challenges. After my career as an aerospace engineer and a business consultant, I wanted to learn more about web programming and work in a less corporate and more dynamic environment. ZIVVER was the perfect match. Being part of a fast-growing technological start-up in a team of smart developers is what triggered my interest.

At ZIVVER, we are very motivated about our work and always walk the extra mile to get it done. We are also very friendly, caring and fun. I appreciate the flexibility offered at ZIVVER in terms of working hours, location and the possibility to get involved in side projects. I see that we are constantly open to new ideas. Together, we continuously improve our product’s quality. Decisions are generally made in a consensus, which makes me feel satisfied and motivated about what I do.

In general, I believe we are pragmatic. Not a surprise, if you consider that ZIVVER is composed of developers and technically aware people who look for reasonable solutions and anticipate future improvements. As a developer, I like being pragmatic, due to my rational mindset. In my private life I like to keep things tidy and organized to be more efficient. When things go wrong I look for solutions and (almost) never waste time complaining. Being pragmatic and rational doesn’t mean that we don’t put effort in making people feel at ease. I see that we get everyone involved in the progress of our work. And yes, we are great because we are great people working towards great goals. Simple as that.

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Eva Malten

Eva studeerde Nederlandse taal en cultuur in haar favoriete stad: Utrecht. Daarna ontwikkelde ze zich tot communicatiemedewerker en werkte bij diverse uitgeverijen en de Bibliotheek Utrecht. Ze houdt van lezen en schrijven en is gespecialiseerd in compacte teksten met een heldere boodschap. Ze voelt zich thuis in het energieke en enthousiaste team van ZIVVER. In haar vrije tijd gaat Eva met haar gezin op stap in Utrecht of staat ze in de keuken om een taart te bakken.

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