Working at ZIVVER - part 1: Pragmatic

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Harris (front-end developer): “We grow very fast but stay down to earth”

Hello world! This is Harris, a front-end developer at ZIVVER with a 
background in electrical engineering and several years of full stack experience. I joined ZIVVER and its front-end team back in 2016. The decision to join was easy: a small but strong team, a product with great potential, an interesting stack and the desire to focus working on the pretty side of web development. Working at ZIVVER has been a great experience. We are growing very fast but we remain down to earth. We are given a lot of opportunities, our work is being recognized, the atmosphere is great and the work-life balance is optimal. Last but not least, everyone at ZIVVER plays an important role and therefore contributes to the team.

Our core values are to be pragmatic, inclusive and great. Those values support the company’s vision, shape the culture and clarify the identity of the company to clients and potential customers. ZIVVER is pragmatic at all levels, from people to solutions. We work on solving our problems together in a sensible and simple way. Everyone gets involved in all kinds of processes: from making technical decisions to organizing team events. This is an integral part of our success and our great product. If I were to pick one of the core values that fits me best, I would choose pragmatic. Of course this doesn’t mean that I don’t care about being inclusive or that I’m not a great developer. However, besides being pragmatic at work, I feel this value in my private life, too. I deal with things in a practical way and always look for sensible and efficient solutions. I am more concerned with the fact of the matter than with what could or should be.

At ZIVVER we create products and services that truly serve a purpose to our users. Being pragmatic means that we use the feedback from the real world and use it accordingly to make our products even better. Theory and practice are intertwined as theories are judged upon practice. In a world that never stays the same, being pragmatic is the only way to survive!

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Eva studeerde Nederlandse taal en cultuur in haar favoriete stad: Utrecht. Daarna ontwikkelde ze zich tot communicatiemedewerker en werkte bij diverse uitgeverijen en de Bibliotheek Utrecht. Ze houdt van lezen en schrijven en is gespecialiseerd in compacte teksten met een heldere boodschap. Ze voelt zich thuis in het energieke en enthousiaste team van ZIVVER. In haar vrije tijd gaat Eva met haar gezin op stap in Utrecht of staat ze in de keuken om een taart te bakken.

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