Working at ZIVVER - part 4: Great

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Aniello (Front-end Developer) : "My ambition is very high and ZIVVER is pushing me forward."

I’m Aniello, 26 from Italy. I moved from Milan to Leiden to come here and work for ZIVVER. This happened the 25th of January and I started my adventure with ZIVVER just one week later. Before I started here, I moved from city to city trying to find the place I could call home.

Then I came across ZIVVER. I spoke a couple of times with CEO Rick Goud and one of the things that was fascinating me was his enthusiasm for ZIVVER. I could feel how much he cares about the product from every word he spoke. To experience working at ZIVVER, I came to the office in Amsterdam for a day. I am impressed of how every collegue working here shares Rick’s enthusiasm and excitement. I really like the atmosphere between colleagues and the idea behind the product is absolutely amazing. It was the perfect match for me.

Now I can say that working at ZIVVER is something I would have regretted if I had not started to work here. In a week time I learned more than in three months of my last job. Of course, this is possible also thanks to the colleagues helping me growing my skills. Furthermore I feel that the ZIVVER core values are the same as mine. Great, inclusive and pragmatic are the starting points for every choice I have to make and giving me the right boost for my personal and professional growth. 

Of the three values GREAT is the one I feel more like my own. My ambition is very high and I think that working in an ambitious company like ZIVVER is pushing me forward.

Working here affects my private life too. I always look for something challenging, new, to improve me as a person.

ZIVVER is going to be great and I'm ready to go that extra mile to get there.

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